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  1. DallasTx_EaglesFan

    Eagles Fan Clubs around the world

    For all Eagles Fans in Dallas, TX Come check us out at: Austin Avenue Grille and Bar 935 West Parker Rd Plano, TX 75023 972-422-8003 http://www.austinavenue.com/ Also, check out our fan club http://www.eaglesnestdallas.com/
  2. DallasTx_EaglesFan

    Houston Eagles fans?

    FYI....... Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the LAST DAY folks can register for the tailgate. Turns out the caterer has set a deadline for Thursday to order food, so I suggest contacting the Green Legion ASAP if u want to participate. www.greenlegion.com
  3. DallasTx_EaglesFan

    Houston Eagles fans?

    I'm almost positive our group from Dallas will lead a convoy of folks down I-45 for that game. Meanwhile, how's ticket availability in general for a Texans game? Are they still sellin' out?
  4. DallasTx_EaglesFan

    Houston Eagles fans?

    Can someone confirm for me if the Eagles play in Houston in 2006? Anybody know?
  5. DallasTx_EaglesFan

    Houston Eagles fans?

    http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/eaglesdallas/ Hey Houston Fans, If any of you guys happen to venture up I-45 North to Dallas on any weekend (with the exception of the Eagles game at Texas Stadium) & want to join other fans to catch the game, please come check us out!!!! E-A-G-L-E-S.....EAGLES!!!!
  6. DallasTx_EaglesFan

    Houston Eagles fans?

    I'm going to the Atlanta game too.
  7. DallasTx_EaglesFan

    Houston Eagles fans?

    Don't forget to look for an abundance of us Eagle fans tailgating too.