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  1. Northern Green Wings

    Myles Garrett Assault Needs Its Own Thread

    I agree. While Garrett definitely deserves the largest and longest of the suspension and is no doubt a dirty player, to act like Rudolph is innocent in it all isn't a good look either. All the professional athletes here need to be held accountable, and not doling out punishment to everyone would also be a disservice from the NFL.
  2. Northern Green Wings

    Myles Garrett Assault Needs Its Own Thread

    Yeah there's more video coming out. Garrett took him down late, not late enough to warrant a flag. Orginally it looked like Garrett wasn't letting go, but it was actually Rudolph who was kicking him and trying to take his helmet off. Of course what Garrett did was terrible, he should definitely be gone the rest of the season. Pouncey should be getting a game. Rudolph should probably get a game too, he most certainly instigated it.
  3. Northern Green Wings

    Clowney's Stats at the Half-Way Mark

    This team could of used DE help, but trading away picks for Clowney wasn't the answer. He's had exactly 1 good game the entire season for a hit of 16~ million. We have guys doing more, being paid less, that fans are already thinking they are stealing money. This fan base would be livid with him, let's not pretend otherwise.
  4. Northern Green Wings

    Week 9: Cowboys @ Giants

    The two games that stick out were against the Falcons and the Lions. better receiver play from Agholor especially in those ones would of resulted in W's instead of L's. I'm saying this only because the margin was way too close and his poor performance pretty much was the factors in both games, with a dropped TD and a fumble against the Lions. I don't think receivers would of solved the game against the Vikings, unless they can cover the other teams WR. I don't think better receivers would of helped against the Cowboys, but maybe the game stays more competitive. After two horrible turnovers and scores with the defense bending over, the team look like it literally quit. Maybe with better receivers they have more confidence in getting back into the game, but the way this current Eagles team is built is to manage and not force a shoot-out, we just don't have that explosiveness at all. Luckily the Eagles have almost finished off the hardest part of their schedule. to finish the season they have: vs NE vs SEA at MIA vs NYG at WSH vs DAL at NYG It's hard to envision them not picking up 4 wins against Miami, Giants and Washington who are horrible teams. Their 3 tough games are at home. I think they'll need to go 2-1 in those games, with a win over Dallas, to get into the playoffs. The way the rest of the NFC is shaping up so far, a 10-6 record won't cut it. They can go 1-2 in those games and get in if it's over Dallas. Cowboys remaining schedule looks like this: vs Min at Lions at Patriots vs Bills at Bears vs Rams at Eagles vs Redskins The only dumpster fire they are facing is the Redskins. While I don't think the Lions or Bears are good teams, they are good enough to catch an unprepared team. If the Cowboys can lose to the Jets they can lose to the Lions and Bears if not careful. If Eagles can manage 5-2 down the stretch and go 10-6, Cowboys will have to be 5-3. But with 4 of their 5 wins coming against dumpster fire teams in the Giants, Redskins and Dolphins, you wonder if they can replicate success against better teams. They did respond nicely by dismantling the Eagles after being embarassed by the Jets, but then it's also questionable if philly is really that good of a team. Second half is shaping up to be good
  5. Northern Green Wings

    Week 9: Cowboys @ Giants

    If we're talking about talent difference between this current Eagles squad and the Superbowl winning one, I think we are close to equally talented at the running game, our tight ends are the same or better, the offensive line after some struggles have played like we know they can.. but the receiving group has been a massive let down. Jeffery has notably regressed since 2017. He's slower, probably playing hobbled, and his hands and concentration aren't there. Agholor in 2017 and 2018 looked like a player that belonged in the NFL. This season he looks like his rookie and Sophomore season, a guy who when on the field is detrimental to your team winning. He is in a massive slump. Luckily for us it isn't injury related... and he can get back to at least being servicable for us which will go a long way down the stretch. Jackson hasn't played at all unfortunately. The production we got from Torrey Smith compared to JJAW and Hollins is night and day since they've done nothing. Then as you mentioned the last few games they've played dictated a more run heavy approach. Even if our receivers were better I still think we would of seen a similar game plan against the Bills/Bears. Unfortunately I don't think it's sustainable. We'll see how the Eagles manage down the stretch of the season.
  6. Northern Green Wings

    Clowney's Stats at the Half-Way Mark

    At the time I was Pro Clowney, I thought with him at the start of the season for sure we would win it all. But Clowney can't cover WR nor can he catch the ball. The difference he would of made to this defense would of been little. Then now with the power of hindsight, he is simply not producing. In 9 games he has 20 total tackles, 5 for a loss, 2 QB sacks, 7 QB hits. Barnett for comparison has 19 total tackles, 4 for a loss, 3.5 QB sacks, 13 QB hits. For all intents and purposes, Barnett has statistically outproduced Clowney. That's not to say their in the same situation, I'm sure Clowney see's more attention come his way.. but the same way we give grief to Cox when he doesn't play well given his $$ why is Clowney getting a pass on the boards. For 16$ million a year those numbers are putrid. The money that we have coming free would be better spent elsewhere.
  7. Northern Green Wings

    Jay Gruden let go...

    I always thought of Jay Gruden as a pretty good coach. He never had much to work with while there and his guys seemed to play for him. But their personnel decisions have been terrible and they tend to add little from the draft as well. I think he should be happy he got fired mid-season. Let's him relax the rest of this season instead of dying with a sinking ship. I thought the Dolphins might go winless this season, but coming off a by against a team who were equally terrible and just fired their head coach... it's possible they get a win.
  8. Northern Green Wings

    Week 5 Open Discussion.

    The Falcons had played us real hard the last 3 matchups prior to that, all games that we won. It was definitely on their minds. And the injuries were definitely a factor. Having 3 scratches moments for the game at the tight end/receiver position is extremely tough to deal with.
  9. Northern Green Wings

    Dak reportedly turns down $30 million a year, wants $40 million

    Yeah Newton might not ever be the same after the shoulder injury. I'd also say while I like Brisset, he has a very small sample size as well. And somehow he has a larger deal than Prescott. If the Cowboys believe their roster is playoff/superbowl worthy, I see no scenario in which they don't sign Prescott. Despite some recent struggles, this is still a good team. While they can definitely do better than Prescott, the question would be how do they do better? No one is available at the moment, and they will finish in or right near the playoffs, so drafting one isn't happening either. They're best bet is to double down on Dak and make it work. Otherwise all the other roster building they've done goes to waste.
  10. Northern Green Wings

    Dak reportedly turns down $30 million a year, wants $40 million

    I mean not that I'm a pro Dak guy, but what has Garappolo done to warrant him over Dak. Same thing with Derek Carr, who for all intents and purposes likely misused Cooper since he is on fire now with the Cowboys. In any case, Prescott is right at the edge there, with guys like Garappolo and Derek Carr. Who both at the time signed huge deals as QB. Dak will get a sizeable contract.
  11. Northern Green Wings

    Dak reportedly turns down $30 million a year, wants $40 million

    I remember laughing at the Cowboys trading a first for Cooper but they definitely got that one right. I'd go as far to say that since joining the Cowboys he has been their best offensive player and not Zeke. In 14 games with the Cowboys, he's put up 1237 yards, 11 TDs and 85 catches. He hasn't played a full season with the Cowboys yet has numbers that would put him in the Pro Bowl for sure. But yeah it's also like I mentioned, when his new deal does come does he revert back to more what we saw in Oakland? Or was his production in Oakland due to poor coaching and his QB? Tough to tell.
  12. Northern Green Wings

    Dak reportedly turns down $30 million a year, wants $40 million

    Dak is definitely in the top half of QBs in the NFL, and that's all you need to be to get a big payday. The poor play of a couple weeks isn't going to change that. If the Cowboys wanted to save money on his deal, they needed to get it done before Wentz and Goff got theirs done. Now at a minimum it's going to match those deals, if not exceed. But there is a difference between all three teams too. In the case of the Eagles, the amount of money they have committed to Wentz was no different than the amount of money they committed to both Wentz and Foles last season. The difference is they don't have a tried and true backup for Wentz anymore, so him staying healthy is paramount. With Goff he already had a decently high cap number due to being first overall. So while he still got big money, the "delta" isn't as noticable. In the case of Dak he is getting paid peanuts, and his backup also getting peanuts. When he does sign to a big deal it will effect what else they can spend money on. That wasn't the case with Zeke with them as he already had a large cap number. Ditto with Cooper. While those signings will also impact their ability to sign someone, it's not as significant as what it takes to get Dak done.
  13. Northern Green Wings

    Dak reportedly turns down $30 million a year, wants $40 million

    Not a good outing for Dak yesterday despite throwing for a lot of yards. What's slowly going unnoticed is how hard Cooper is working for a new contract. I guess he was probably going to be paid near the highest anyways, but it certainly looks like he is going to get a top 3 contract. The real question will be how does he perform afterwards.
  14. Northern Green Wings

    Jason Garret has a better coaching staff than Doug Pederson right now.

    The only game I felt he coached poorly on the defensive side was against the Lions. Against the Redskins, it was clear the entire team was rusty until they woke up the second half. Against the Falcons I thought he coached really well and blitzed more than we've seen from him in forever and it confused Matt Ryan. Unfortunately he blitzed probably one too many times and it costed them in the end. Against the Lions he went blitz heavy again and it rarely worked. The Lions easily picked it up and had easy throws/completions. If we're going to blitz that heavy and not get home we at least have to force the QB off balance. On a TD they gave up they blitzed the house, the Lions picked it up such that Stafford stood like a statue in the pocket to deliver an easy completion for a TD. Against the Packers I don't think he coached horribly. Jones wasn't exactly good before going out, and then Maddox was epicly bad. They couldn't do anything right in coverage against Adams. Against the Jets I think he took advantage of a young QB who didn't have preparation. While it was easily our best defensive game of the year, I thought he coached a better game against the Falcons even though it didn't go our way. Honestly I don't know if we blitz enough, or too little, or too much. I do know that in general our blitzes haven't been effective. Whether that's been the players executing or his coaching it's tough to say. But if we aren't blitzing well, i'm more inclined to not blitz. Nothing is worse than sending pressure that doesn't get home.
  15. Northern Green Wings

    Week 4: Cowboys @ Saints

    haha you sound exactly like a typical philly fan The facts are Dallas is still 3-1 and leads the division. A quarter of the way through and they look like the best team in the division. Lot's will change between now and playoff time, between injuries they suffer, that other teams suffer, more slumps or adversity etc. While it's troubling that the first decent team they've faced on the schedule gave them problems, they have still set themselves up in good position in the first quarter of the season. They could of played down to the Giants Redskins or Dolphins but easily handled those teams. I'd expect more like that and less like the clunker on Sunday Botched calls tend to happen and throughout the course of a season it should even out for your team. The Eagles lack of fumble recovery against the Cowboys last year immediately stands out, but at the end of it all even with the refs fudging the call the Eagles had more than ample opportunity to win that game and squander it away. Likewise the Cowboys can't blame the refs about losing. At the end of it all they only put up 10 points. You don't win many games only putting up 10 points and that has little to do with the refs. It's probably only frustrating because the Saints managed a 12 point outing which should signify a win. It might of been an easier pill to swallow if the saints put up 20+, and then other people/fans would look at why their team came up short as opposed to blaming the refs. Blaming the refs tends to happen in close match-ups far too often.