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  1. Northern Green Wings

    Rank your top 5 coaches in the NFL Today

    I like this list, outside of maybe Payton but that has much to do with just him irritating me than anything. I think with the above coaches you've watched them consistently deliver results with their teams being competitive year in and year out. Basically, the body of work is there that you can safely say the coaches are the ones making the team and I think with guys like Pederson, McVay have argument to be on this list as well. But in that same breath, they have less seasons to judge them by. And in both their cases.. outside of their first season, both their teams have been stacked and been playoff and superbowl favs entering the season. In the case of Pederson, he overcome some adversity due to major injuries at the QB position and other spots and still performed, so I would definitely put him above McVay, not to mention the superbowl title. But I'd also like to see what he can do coaching wise when the talent on the team isn't stacked at nearly every position. Even more so for McVay. Pederson has shown he can handle adversity, I don't think you can say the same with McVay.
  2. Northern Green Wings

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    Absolutely. And more importantly it should be fully guaranteed!
  3. Northern Green Wings

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    This was a big part of the reason why I was happy that Wentz got his deal done early. I believe that Wentz is the best between Goff and Prescott. The risk with Wentz is a health one but talent wise I don't think you'll find people arguing too much. If Goff or Prescott had their deals done first, then Wentz and his agent would be using the "he's the better QB of the three therefore he deserves more." And honestly their contracts would come in pretty close to the deal Wentz has right now anyways. Then in a couple year, or maybe even after next seasons, guys like Watson and Mahomes will be cashing in on their deals, and this will look like a bargain in comparison.
  4. Northern Green Wings

    Your top guys at each position.

    Pretty solid list. I think at this point as much as it pains me to say it, I would take Brady over Montana. At defensive tackle I think a guy like Aaron Donald might end up being the number one choice when his career is over, but still too early to say. I also thought of Charles Woodson first over Rod. While Sanders was the best cover CB ever, I felt Woodson was the most complete CB to ever play. Coverage, blitz, make tackles, make plays, he's up there. It just becomes tough to judge CBs since Charles played in a more pass happy and pass friendly league than guys like Rod/Deion did. It's going to be even harder for CBs to stick out now going further imo.
  5. Northern Green Wings

    Giants agree to trade WR Odell Beckham Jr to Browns

    I felt this is the type of trade they should of made before signing him to a long term deal so they didn't have to eat into the cap. I feel the Browns come out ahead with this one big time. They're getting a top WR and not having to pay him top dollar since a huge chunk of that is with the Giants now. As for the Giants I guess they can swallow the cap hit since they aren't competing now. Time will tell, but if this move puts the Browns in the playoffs next season it has to be seen as a win for them. They've been bad for so long. For the Giants however simply being average or good isn't enough. This move expedites their rebuild process. Time will tell how it works out. I do know they need a Manning replacement asap so they don't waste the best years of Barkley.
  6. Northern Green Wings

    Robert Kraft Arrested....

    Jim Irsay was fined 500k and suspended 6 games (whatever that means for the owner lol) back in 2014 for his drunken driving. I'm guessing something similar for Kraft and that'll be the end of it.
  7. Northern Green Wings

    Robert Kraft Arrested....

    What he did was illegal, how severe it is is up probably very opinion based person to person. But at the end of the day it doesn't change that it was illegal. And whether we believe it to be a big deal or not, it will be treated as one in the media. Personally I think he is incredibly dumb, he's too rich to use cheap services like that. Out of the 32 owners, I'm sure the majority of them have been with paid escorts at some point in their lives and careers, probably a few of them with some right now. Kraft just got caught. I guess you don't get super rich by constantly paying for high quality talent lol, maybe that was his thinking.
  8. Northern Green Wings

    Ravens trading Joe Flacco to Broncos for 4th rd pick

    Well there goes one destination for a potential Foles trade. I guess they didn't like their odds of landing him if he walked in free agency either.
  9. Oh geez. That.. is not a good look for Goff at all haha. Some of it is easy for us to say as fans on why do that after the fact, not knowing the play-call and read progression. You can find that true of any QB in the league. I think what is evident though is he was looking for the big play too often and he had plenty of guys open underneath on easy passes. I still think he is a good QB and will only get better. Hopefully the shock from the Superbowl and how he played doesn't carry forward for him in his career.
  10. Northern Green Wings

    How long will Jared Goff be the Rams’ quarterback?

    Reaching the superbowl in his third year and in the second year with McVay.. yeah he is not going anywhere. If one thing is clear, it's that he is most dangerous when there is a good running attack to go with him. The Rams offense dropped off when Gurley was unable to play, although they were also never able to really replicate the production that Cooper Kupp gave them either. I see it as more likely that they extend him sooner rather than later.
  11. Northern Green Wings

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    I never once thought there was a fix. I thought the game was actually pretty well officiated all things considered. Only questionable call was a unnecessary roughness penalty on the Rams on a screen pass. It was weird, if that was a pass play that was 15 yards down the field I see them calling it all through this season. But the ball travelled like 5 yards in the air and the defender was right beside him as he caught it, not sure he lined him up or anything, the guy made a move to turn into him and he was already basically standing there. The Rams just stunk. Unless Goff was paid off to throw wildly inaccurate passes and miss his open guys, I can't see how you can look at that game and call it fixed. The Patriots also played pretty poorly all things considered, being only able to get chunk plays here and there but only string together 3 scoring drives despite having the ball what felt the entire game was also a poor showing.
  12. Northern Green Wings

    Should teams be able to challenge penalties or non calls?

    It's not as bad as it's being made out here, but it does slow down the game. Basically when a team doesn't like the result of the play (almost always offense) they'll challenge the call and most of the time it gets corrected in the offensive teams favour. That being said, I have been at a game where to the letter of the rule, a pass interference should of been called. However, it was pretty ticky tacky at most so the refs let it stand as called on the field, which was no pass interference. I think it can work but the verbage needs to be correct. Something in that if a pass interference wasn't called live during the play, that during the review process you have to determine that the pass interference directly interfered with the pass catcher being able to make a play/catch the ball. That way you can't get awarded massive yards because a ref decided to let go some arm fighting between guys that really didn't have an effect on catching the ball.
  13. There's lots that go into winning the superbowl besides the game itself. The journey to get there is a long one and involves many aspects. Wentz was league MVP prior to injury and a huge part on why we got home field advantage. Home field goes a long way in helping a team to win games in the playoffs. Do we still reach the superbowl if we had to play Minnesota at the Dome instead? Maybe considering the way the game played out, but the odds would definitely be less. And likewise, do we still reach the superbowl with Wentz at helm? Possibly, Foles didn't have a good game against the Falcons and we won thanks to tremendous defensive effort, and against Minnesota as good as he played, our defense also stepped up huge. Do we win the Superbowl with Wentz instead of Foles? Also possible, but its hard to envision Wentz having the same or a better game than what Foles did. To me this is why it's a team achievement and should be looked at as such. Too many cogs to look at it strictly at an individual level, although I realize that goes against popular opinion when it comes to QBs.
  14. Northern Green Wings

    Keeping the Old Proven Guy Over The Young Buck

    I think in hindsight, the Colts made the right call to move on from Peyton. When he left the team, they werne't in a position to compete. Instead they now have their QB for the next 10~ seasons and can worry about building around him. In the case of the Packers, they also made the right move from Favre. I don't think they win a Superbowl with Favre at helm that season, and likewise, now they had their QB to be their guy for the next 10~ seasons. In the case of the Patriots, it may still be too early to say but I think they also made the right choice. Brady up to that point had won them multiple superbowls compared to Peyton and Favre for their respective franchises. Luck was a generational pick, Rodgers was a great pick, Garapollo was a later draft pick who showed some flashes here and there and... that was it. And then further to that, Brady wasn't coming off of any sort of serious injury like Manning was. Favre was a gunslinger who was still playing ok, but his mentally just doesn't work in todays NFL.
  15. Northern Green Wings

    Should teams be able to challenge penalties or non calls?

    I don't like challenging penalties either. If you don't like the result of a play, throw the challenge flag and review. You will find a penalty on almost every play if you look hard enough. This would slow down the game too much. I will say though, that was definitely not a bang-bang play at full speed, it looked beyond clear as day lol. I'd be willing to give more benefit of the doubt if the defender actually looked back, but he just charged right at the guy and tackled him well before the ball was there.