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  1. Northern Green Wings

    Stefon Diggs Traded to Buffalo for 4 Picks

    I think this is a case of both teams winning out. Diggs get's to leave Minnesota as he clearly wanted out. Bills lose their 1st pick (later in the 1st round at that), the other ones are later rounds, to get a bonafide WR. Diggs fits the mold of a #1 WR, is still young, and in the case of the Bills, absorb much less on his contract and it's now quite team friendly. Instead of playing the WR lottery as likely some guys from this draft will bust, they know exactly what they are getting. On the flipside, I see Diggs as more of a low-tier WR1. He's fast, big, runs good routes and has good hands, but has attitude issues and troubles focusing and being consistent. Attitude can change as he gets older/matures, we'll see about the focus portion. It's a win for the Vikings too since they get a disgruntled WR off the team and books and get a 1st rounder out of it in a WR heavy draft. With Thielen still on the team, who is more of a slot but still very dangerous and probably better than Diggs, the need to get a WR immediateley isn't there either and they can let the board fall to them, and likely, address other parts of the team.
  2. Northern Green Wings

    Tom Brady confirms he is leaving Pats, expected to join Buccaneers

    Teams still have to spend a minimum amount of money though. So I don't think the gap of offset cost is as much as it really seems.
  3. Well put. Forget what you think he should be paid... QBs in general are paid, and Dak will get his. And by the Cowboys waiting, he will now get paid more than if they locked him in sooner. This is part of a reason why I was pushing to get the Wentz deal done early. If we waited until later, he would have to be signed for more. So while to some because of the high money it doesn't seem like a discount, the reality is that we got him for cheaper than if we had waited. Of course by not signing him it would of given us the freedom to look and get another QB, but with his pedigree and how the second half of the season played out, Wentz is a gamer and a guy who can single handedly keep us in games and win them for us.
  4. Northern Green Wings

    Texans Meltdown vs. Chiefs -- Does Bill o'Brien deserve to be fired?

    I don't know if he deserves to be fired because of the collapse. He should be fired because of his body of work. You can blame the decision to not go for it on 4th and short and kicking the field goal on him (I don't think it was the worst call at the time, but don't use the time out which they could of used later to do so.) The fake punt was also a terrible call. But he's also not going out there telling his guys to not cover Kelce, or fumble kick-offs either. That being said it's not like he was impressive before that so I can see him gone. Unfortunately when you fire a head coach after the post-season some of the good coaching candidates are already gone. I'm not sure that's the case this off-season, but the fear would be firing him to replace him with someone worse.
  5. Northern Green Wings

    AFC Divisional: Texans @ Chiefs

    I mean there's this: Eagles largest lead they've ever blown is a 23 point one in 1985. McNabb blew a 17 point lead once against the Giants in 2006 (gave up 17 in 4th quarter to tie it up then lost in OT), a 14 point lead in 2002 against the Titans (up 24-10 then lost 27-24) and a 13 point lead in 2005 against the Cowboys (up 20-7, then lost by a McNabb INT, this one I remember and sticks out.) If he wasted away other leads they would of been 9 points and under. So Philly has never blown a 24 point lead playoffs or not, and McNabb's worst lead he "blew" was a 17 point one against the Giants, although i'd argue the one against the Cowboys is more on him since he threw something ill-advised to literally lose the game, where as blowing leads is a team failure from coaching to everyone. **EDIT** I'll also add that he blew those leads 3 times in the 158 games he started for us including playoffs, which is less than 1.8~% of the time. Basically it's bound to happen over that many games. Brady as a comparison has blown 21, 17, 14, 14, 14, 14, 11, 11, 10, 10, 10, 10 leads.12 times out of 326 games played is good for 3.7~%. he's actually twice as bad as McNabb. In the case of Houston's blown lead, they got there by fluke it felt. But then they gave it back with equally poor special teams plays and questionable coaching decisions. I didn't mind them kicking a field goal to go up 24-0. I did mind that they ate up a time out deciding to go for it then backed out (that they could of used near the end of the half to get more points) they should of just ate the penalty and kicked the FG instead. And the failed fake punt was ill advised too, there was so much more to lose than gain in that instance. But systematically the team collapsed.
  6. Northern Green Wings

    NFC Wildcard: Vikings @ Saints.

    I mean, Foles didn't play most of this season from an injury and then ultimately got replaced by a rookie who didn't look really good. I like Foles and what he has done for the organization of course, but the reality is outside of one season, whenever he has been "the man" he seems to let down, or get injured as well. We give Carson grief about never playing a full season, except he has done that twice in 4 seasons and Foles has yet to do that his career. But the Eagles do need a more competent back-up. Sudfeld was supposed to be that guy until he wasn't.
  7. Northern Green Wings

    Week 16 Open Discussion.

    Not that I like to make excuses for the other teams, but he definitely looked off on a few throws and then to compound things for Dallas their receivers didn't make some simple plays either. Still, the Eagles were clearly the more hungry team. They played with what looked like desperation whereas the Cowboys just looked lethargic. If I was a Cowboys fan I'd be embarassed for the clear lack of effort. It's part of why I haven't gotten too down on the Eagles this year. While we've sucked at numerous points it never looked like from a lack of effort and more from injuries and lack of talent. Still tough to swallow but I can live with that a little bit easier. The Dallas effort yesterday was pretty putrid.
  8. Northern Green Wings

    Patriots WR Josh Gordon reinstated

    I feel for him. But he's proven he can't help himself in this regard and as such I'm happy the Eagles decided to not make a move for him. We already have WR that struggle to stay on the field, I don't see how adding another would make any lick of sense.
  9. Northern Green Wings

    Giants fans, Talk About The Giants

    This is very accurate. If you were to ask me, I don't think Kurt Warner or TD should of made it in. Both while great, also had short careers. In Kurt Warners case, he was actually REALLY bad for quite a few of them, but caught fire for 3 which resulted in an MVP and Superbowl. yet he was able to make it in, and I'd say a good part of that was being the face of the NFL network and people seeing him. TD I don't think ever really had a bad season, but boy was his career short. But same idea, TD is in the media constantly and became more popular, so he got in. I think Manning is a pretty popular guy. If he goes into some form of broadcasting I'd put him as a lock. I don't necessarily agree with him being in. Rarely has he been a top 5 QB and his stats aren't exactly impressive either compared to his peers. But he caught fire for 2 post seasons and beat the GOAT coach and QB twice, this along with popularity will weigh heavily on voters minds.
  10. Northern Green Wings

    The Evil Empire ending?

    I've made this mistake in the past but no more. Regardless of regular season struggles this team has shown that they can win it all and come together in the playoffs. I'll believe that is more the norm until I see it, actually, not be.
  11. Northern Green Wings

    Myles Garrett Assault Needs Its Own Thread

    I agree. While Garrett definitely deserves the largest and longest of the suspension and is no doubt a dirty player, to act like Rudolph is innocent in it all isn't a good look either. All the professional athletes here need to be held accountable, and not doling out punishment to everyone would also be a disservice from the NFL.
  12. Northern Green Wings

    Myles Garrett Assault Needs Its Own Thread

    Yeah there's more video coming out. Garrett took him down late, not late enough to warrant a flag. Orginally it looked like Garrett wasn't letting go, but it was actually Rudolph who was kicking him and trying to take his helmet off. Of course what Garrett did was terrible, he should definitely be gone the rest of the season. Pouncey should be getting a game. Rudolph should probably get a game too, he most certainly instigated it.
  13. Northern Green Wings

    Clowney's Stats at the Half-Way Mark

    This team could of used DE help, but trading away picks for Clowney wasn't the answer. He's had exactly 1 good game the entire season for a hit of 16~ million. We have guys doing more, being paid less, that fans are already thinking they are stealing money. This fan base would be livid with him, let's not pretend otherwise.
  14. Northern Green Wings

    Week 9: Cowboys @ Giants

    The two games that stick out were against the Falcons and the Lions. better receiver play from Agholor especially in those ones would of resulted in W's instead of L's. I'm saying this only because the margin was way too close and his poor performance pretty much was the factors in both games, with a dropped TD and a fumble against the Lions. I don't think receivers would of solved the game against the Vikings, unless they can cover the other teams WR. I don't think better receivers would of helped against the Cowboys, but maybe the game stays more competitive. After two horrible turnovers and scores with the defense bending over, the team look like it literally quit. Maybe with better receivers they have more confidence in getting back into the game, but the way this current Eagles team is built is to manage and not force a shoot-out, we just don't have that explosiveness at all. Luckily the Eagles have almost finished off the hardest part of their schedule. to finish the season they have: vs NE vs SEA at MIA vs NYG at WSH vs DAL at NYG It's hard to envision them not picking up 4 wins against Miami, Giants and Washington who are horrible teams. Their 3 tough games are at home. I think they'll need to go 2-1 in those games, with a win over Dallas, to get into the playoffs. The way the rest of the NFC is shaping up so far, a 10-6 record won't cut it. They can go 1-2 in those games and get in if it's over Dallas. Cowboys remaining schedule looks like this: vs Min at Lions at Patriots vs Bills at Bears vs Rams at Eagles vs Redskins The only dumpster fire they are facing is the Redskins. While I don't think the Lions or Bears are good teams, they are good enough to catch an unprepared team. If the Cowboys can lose to the Jets they can lose to the Lions and Bears if not careful. If Eagles can manage 5-2 down the stretch and go 10-6, Cowboys will have to be 5-3. But with 4 of their 5 wins coming against dumpster fire teams in the Giants, Redskins and Dolphins, you wonder if they can replicate success against better teams. They did respond nicely by dismantling the Eagles after being embarassed by the Jets, but then it's also questionable if philly is really that good of a team. Second half is shaping up to be good
  15. Northern Green Wings

    Week 9: Cowboys @ Giants

    If we're talking about talent difference between this current Eagles squad and the Superbowl winning one, I think we are close to equally talented at the running game, our tight ends are the same or better, the offensive line after some struggles have played like we know they can.. but the receiving group has been a massive let down. Jeffery has notably regressed since 2017. He's slower, probably playing hobbled, and his hands and concentration aren't there. Agholor in 2017 and 2018 looked like a player that belonged in the NFL. This season he looks like his rookie and Sophomore season, a guy who when on the field is detrimental to your team winning. He is in a massive slump. Luckily for us it isn't injury related... and he can get back to at least being servicable for us which will go a long way down the stretch. Jackson hasn't played at all unfortunately. The production we got from Torrey Smith compared to JJAW and Hollins is night and day since they've done nothing. Then as you mentioned the last few games they've played dictated a more run heavy approach. Even if our receivers were better I still think we would of seen a similar game plan against the Bills/Bears. Unfortunately I don't think it's sustainable. We'll see how the Eagles manage down the stretch of the season.