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  1. RIP - good luck pulling pushy on your own.

  2. Lincecum'ed on your face?

  3. Youre banned and you can still eat a D

  4. Biggest **** on the EMB-Phieagleswin07

  5. im thinking st. joes right now. im going to visit at the end of this week.

  6. whats up dude

    i love UC so far, where you going to college?

  7. yo man hows uc been this year?

  8. yeah it'll be at nippert. wait until you see the student sections, there will be at least 700 in each, probably a lot more in X's cause they enroll like 600 more kids than us.

  9. sick man, is that game at nippert? if it is i may check it out for a bit

  10. yeah i went, we beat one of our league rivals. the big game is in 4 weeks when we play st. x who is number 1 in the country. that game seriously might sell out.

  11. yo i heard that moeller just played at uc on friday, did you go? i heard it was packed

  12. i dont play, but my high school is moeller. i know a couple kids who are down there, we're not like boys but i know them.