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  1. ShutDownDB

    Week 1: Bears @ Packers

    It feels like the Packers always wins these close games on very low percentage plays. A WR on any other team would have been tackled shortly after the catch, but no it's the Packers, so incoming 75 yard TD. Just a few weeks ago I told my brother-in-law, who's a Packers fan, that they're the luckiest team when it comes to winning like this.
  2. ShutDownDB

    Week 1 Open Discussion.

    Since when do guys get their nose pierced like that, thought that was a chick thing?
  3. ShutDownDB

    What Pats fans are saying as their dynasty crumbles

    How often do they call PI on a hail Mary? I mean sure there was a lot of contact but everyone is looking at the ball trying to make a play. Also, didn't Gronk basically shove 1 of 2 guys so he could get in to position?
  4. ShutDownDB

    NFC Divisional: Saints @ Vikings.

    Haha ok kid. Have a good one
  5. ShutDownDB

    NFC Divisional: Saints @ Vikings.

    Read the rest of my post, tough guy.
  6. ShutDownDB

    NFC Divisional: Saints @ Vikings.

    Don't know if we'll beat the Vikings but thank god I won't have to see Payton's pucker face all game. It's going to be a tough defensive battle, they just have to make a few plays and I think our Eagles can win. I like our offense better than theirs.
  7. ShutDownDB

    Week 14 Open Discussion.

    It's not weird that I really, REALLY miss McCoy, right?
  8. ShutDownDB

    Week 13: Redskins @ Cowboys

    Kirk took a page out of Carson's book with that spin away from pressure.
  9. ShutDownDB

    Week 13: Redskins @ Cowboys

    Maybe this is our fault? We were rooting for them against the Saints and they choked, now again tonight thus far. Should we root against the Skins?
  10. ShutDownDB

    Week 13: Redskins @ Cowboys

    Feels like the Skins are trolling us. I know they aren't that good, or bad, of a team but this is like 0 and whatever Browns bad so far.
  11. Carson could help elevate Dez to elite status again
  12. ShutDownDB

    Week 11 Open Discussion.

    STFU TROY! Hottest team in the NFL my arse. It took a epic choke for them to beat a 4-5 Skins team. FOH clown
  13. ShutDownDB

    Week 11 Open Discussion.

    LOL Skins are trash.
  14. ShutDownDB

    Week 11 Open Discussion.

    The last 90 seconds of the first half and then this last Skins drive shows they're either simply a bad team or poorly coached. They had this game won.
  15. ShutDownDB

    Week 11 Open Discussion.

    Can a defense really be considered to be good if losing 1 player causes it to fall apart? I was expecting to watch world beaters but the saints look pretty average.