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  1. The two probable achilles heels that will put a ceiling on how far the Eagles can go are the coach and GM. Neither one has a single clue what it takes to build and coach a championship team - they both learned at the feet of the Kings of Pretty Good - Reid and Banner. They know 10-6 and the occasional trip to the playoffs as being successful, not turning the 10-6 into a 12-4 and certainly not winning tough road playoff games where having difference makers on the roster and making critical in-game adjustments are the difference between winning and losing. Roseman knows how to manage the cap and make 'value' pickups and draft picks, not doing what's necessary to bring true difference makers in here. He's excellent at filling out a roster with decent to good players, but look at this roster and the only current potential difference maker is the $100 million DT. Pederson is in so far over his head that it's embarrassing, and he doesn't even have the good sense to shut his yap before sticking his foot in it during press conferences. The idea of him calling plays (and questionably at that) while coaching the team is utterly laughable. The idea that Lurie would allow this is complete insanity, but we all know what the definition of insanity is, and the Eagles have spent the better part of the last 20 years doing just that.
  2. Oh well. I'll be rooting like hell for him. Josh Dobbs couldn't have landed in a much better place, and the same with Josh Malone. All the Vols are at least starting their pro careers in good spots. I like the Eagles 4th round picks on paper. Never saw either one, but both appear to be versatile and potentially big play guys. What a pleasure having someone with a clue doing the drafting. Now watch another team scarf him up.
  3. Other Tennessee players still available include WR Josh Malone, who has pro tools but might have benefited from another year in college. As a sophomore, he seemed to be on track to be a high pick, but he had a down year last season. Jason Croom could be a solid backup TE somewhere, Corey Vereen was the DE opposite Barnett, and flashed at times, Malik Foreman could be a good nickel corner, and Dylan Wiesman is a project OL. Then there's QB Josh Dobbs, who I thought would go yesterday. Smart as hell (he'll be a rocket scientist when he's done playing - seriously), a great kid and incredible athlete. Accuracy is his only issue, but he has reportedly done very well in his pre-draft workouts.
  4. The one kid I would absolutely love the Eagles to grab today is Jalen Reeves-Maybin from Tennessee. He dropped because of injury concerns and the fact that he's the classic tweener - is he a SS or LB? - but I watched this kid's career at UT and he's just a playmaker who is always around the ball - loved watching him play, and the defense suffered when he and Cam Sutton went down last year. Before he got hurt I saw him as a 2nd-3rd round kind of player. If he gets in the right place and can stay relatively healthy, he'll make an impact. He's a special teams demon, and in the right kind of defense could be a factor in certain packages. I'd love to have him here.
  5. Marlon Mack is the one back left I like that I know anything about. I was never crazy about Perine, he just seems ordinary. This draft would have been phenomenal if they had found a way to move up and take Cook - he has stud written all over him.
  6. I don't know how you guys do it. Can't even tell you the last time I even peeked there.
  7. Lynch was the only TV analyst I actually liked in many, many years for the reasons you listed. Well, the good news is that Simms was sh**t-canned finally, so CBS national games might actually be watchable again. Might. Can't fathom that Romo will be nearly that brutal, and who knows, he might be okay.
  8. Absolutely! This times about a million. Just posted on Lynch, and I think it's more than just being a player, although that's huge. Guys like Newsome and Lynch are smart guys who probably listen to all the noise around them about combine numbers, 'analytics', etc., and are just able to cut through all the crap and say "this is a solid football player who will fit here" and make the pick. And be able to play on teams' weaknesses, like Lynch did with Chicago. Just good football instincts and common sense, and not overthinking everything. If Lurie is more concerned about keeping his boy happy than locking Douglas up, he's a fool. Teams are always looking for solid football minds, and that guy will be running a franchise soon, be it here or somewhere else.
  9. Great points. I was just providing the devil's advocate. I'm not 'unhappy', but I do believe they're going to have to hire a real coach to take this to the level we all want.
  10. Jones is a risky pick given the type of injury, but he's a top 15 talent if healthy. We'll see. Good point on Newsome - the Ravens did it again last night sitting there and grabbing the corner, although I'm a bit surprised Ozzie passed on another Bama TE in Howard. Kamara would have been an awesome pick here - he's another Sproles waiting to happen, and it just might happen in New Orleans of all places.
  11. You could be absolutely right. I love Barnett, period.
  12. It's called having some guts and savvy - oh, and a six year contract, which buys security. I think these eggheads overthink everything, have 'set' rules they live by, and are conservative usually to a fault. You know, the "this is how we do it" mentality. Here comes a smart guy with common sense who knows the sport and has seen all the usual GM pitfalls, and he is probably playing on them. This will sound "typical fan"-like, but how can we sit here, year after year after year, and know that you take Earl Thomas over Brandon Graham, Jason Witten over LJ Smith, Greg Olsen over Kevin Kolb, Marion barber over Ryan Moats, and Steven Jackson over Sean Andrews - not after the fact, but real time!
  13. Landon Collins isn't fooling anyone other than he might just end up being the best safety in the league, and he's in the same damned division. Now Allen is too, so we'll see if he's for real. The Niners stole Foster, and are having by far the best draft of anyone so far. John Lynch should be arrested for that Chicago trade.
  14. Well, by default Barnett is already the best DE on the roster - he'll actually get sacks and make plays, not get touted for getting close like the colossally overrated Graham. I'm going to quit right here, because I love Barnett and am happy he's here. My only point was that, as always, the Eagles played it ultra safe.
  15. Well HB, I can never say a bad word about you again if you're a Vol fan. That's a debatable point regarding Bama - they seem to turn out defensive stud after defensive stud. I look at results rather than how some 'experts' try to justify a player dropping. Remember how they found flaw after flaw in Aaron Rodgers as he waited in the green room? By the way, I am following the draft online for the first time without having to hear the non-stop blather. I don't know why I didn't do this long ago.