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  1. BigBird20

    Houston Eagles fans?

    Unfortunately, there wouldn't be enough time. I live in Brookshire, and go to church in the morning and evening. If I drove down to Houston instead of back to my house, I would miss the first quarter. (during the 12 o'clock games) And you know that's an unpardonable offense.
  2. BigBird20

    Houston Eagles fans?

    Thanks. We usually watch the games at home on Sundays, but expect me to roll around on a Monday Night. (hopefully we get three again) (Congratulations Jason!) Thanks. I'm getting more busy with collegiate duties, but I'll see If I can get away late April.
  3. BigBird20

    Houston Eagles fans?

    Just moved to Houston. Sorry if I'm forcing somebody to repeat themselves (I doubt if my internet connection will last all 421 pages) but any good places to watch Eagles games when the season finally rolls around? Again, sorry if this is a real obvious question.