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  1. You rock girl! Tell Woody I said thanks. Ha ha! Go Buckeyes!

  2. I haven't seen you around for a while.

  3. Hpe everything is ok for you. Good luck!

  4. I love you my sweet little hollow bamboo.

  5. I think I may still be hungover, how about you?

  6. Hey Girlie, I Think your Mom is drunk, you should check on her.

  7. I want to do the horizontal bop with you. ;)

  8. yeah the upstairs is great! I can play the upright, but I don't always lug it around! It's great for the more bluesy gigs. Did you go to school in WC?

  9. I've been to Vincent's! yummy food downstairs and the upstairs is amazing:)

    do you play standup bass??

  10. I used to play at Spence and Vincent's regularly. The band I played with still does, and now at Doc Magrogan's and some other "newer" places too. They just call me when they need a bass player. Where do you hang out in West Chester?

  11. where do you play?:)

  12. Yay West Chester! I grew up there, and still play around there some. good times.

  13. are you talking about me???