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    Another Antonio related article....

    Guess he needed his balls deflated...must be a Patriots thing.
  2. TMZ released new video of a brawl involving Tyrone Crawford. Apparently you cannot play DL on the Cowboys without committing a crime.
  3. brdawk20

    Another day, another Cowboy Felon

    They released a new video angle. There was more than what was originally posted. Cowgirls might just cut him outright now.
  4. brdawk20

    Another Cowboy Suspended

    Guess you can't be an official member of the Dallas Cowboy D-Line until you get a suspension.
  5. brdawk20

    Jeff Fisher Says He Misses Coaching, Players

    The Quarterback anti-whisperer. No thanks.
  6. brdawk20

    Dak Prescott or Kirk Cousins?

    Cousins to me is nothing but empty stats. I'd take Dak with no hesitation.
  7. brdawk20

    Week 9: Titans @ Cowboys

    Garrett makes more stupid challenges than any coach I’ve seen.
  8. brdawk20

    Cowboys cut Dan Bailey

    Bailey has had an issue with a herniated disc for years. It finally started to affect him last year. That's why they cut him.
  9. brdawk20

    Dez to be released

    Vet minimum, get it done Howie, lol.
  10. brdawk20

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    The 8-0 decision of the Supreme Court is a victory for the First Amendment and supporters of free speech while striking a blow at overt political correctness. Yes, 8-0. And as someone who teaches law for a living, I agree with the decision.
  11. T.O. was a hell of a player. The numbers don't lie.
  12. Just because you didn't go to a D1 school doesn't mean you didn't have talent. That is just stupid thinking. Jerry Rice, Terrell Owens, Andre Reed, Walter Payton...the list goes on of players who made it from nothing schools. Today, Joe Flacco, our own DRC, and Vincent Jackson are examples of players from "nothing" schools. And who the hell cares how one did in high school? Michael Jordan was CUT from his high school team. Seems like he did okay after he worked his a** off one summer. Talent with no work ethic is virtually worthless. If you took att the WR's in the NFL and had them run a 40, 99% of them would be within .2 secs of each other. Why do some excel and others do not? Everyone in the NFL has talent. Some just work harder and make it.