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  1. Most of the time I like Kellerman. He's good at what he does. But this is dumb.
  2. Nah, Bro. I think he means that Kelly is going to be holding the camera - doing the actual filming.
  3. As long as he ends up being our potential opponent rather than our QB, I'm ok with it. It's not his cause/opinion that I mind so much. It's the fact that I'm sick & tired of "Mobile QBs" who can't read defenses or work progressions to save their lives.
  4. He lost his job as a starter before the Anthem bit. And he had Chip as his coach - the perfect pairing, according to many ANALysts. And he still couldn't succeed. It is not that tough to find a backup who is every bit as likely to lead a team to a win or two but without the PR headaches that come with him.
  5. Wow. Mind boggling. This was impressive even for Wallyhorse. smh
  6. He's going to be a very good player. But he would have been better with us.
  7. I might be able to get to the Chargers game, but after church so I'd likely miss the kickoff. I've got a better chance at the Rams game, but even that is a bit of a Maybe.
  8. Yup. Love that he was willing. But hate that he had to.
  9. Horrible. Prayers for him, family, friends...
  10. Being the st00pidly over-hyped media darling has its downsides. Get over it. If your team really wanted to change that, they could start by dumping the whole "America's Team" schtick. It's an asinine and insulting claim. And it's among the reasons that a whole lot of Americans, who do actually have teams, hate you so passionately.
  11. Two good things about this. First, Romo isn't in a wheelchair. He might have been if he played any longer. The guy's back seems like it's made of styrofoam at this point, so it's good to see him getting out before he's truly damaged. Second, Dallas gets NOTHING. No trade compensation. No compensatory pick. NOTHING.
  12. ~meh~ Standard rationalization. Pretty boring really. Mostly that just helps you avoid challenging yourself and asking hard questions. At least those that you describe as "self-righteous" are trying to be righteous. Too many people give no evidence whatsoever of actually caring about others or caring at all about right & wrong. Erie does care. And so do I. And so do many others. No one's claiming to be perfect. But trying matters.
  13. This was a good try, Erie. And in truth, it might be a little easier in real life than here. As you know very well, the EMB is a bit of a knucklehead magnet.
  14. The Greyhound is a fun time. I don't get there often, 'cause it's a drive from my place. But when I do go, I enjoy the place, the people, the food, the drinks... All good. Here's a pic from several years ago:
  15. Try this MeetUp group: