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  1. ilikepargo

    I am not sure that there will be a NFL season...?

    Sadly, much of this thread is evidence of that.
  2. ilikepargo

    I am not sure that there will be a NFL season...?

    This sounds like an empty rumor. It's not being widely reported. If it was real, it would be. I don't believe it. I hope I'm wrong. I very much want to be wrong.
  3. ilikepargo

    I am not sure that there will be a NFL season...?

    5 months from now, things may be under control enough for there to be an NFL season. But it won't shock me at all if the draft is done remotely rather than with the big production that we've seen in recent years. Nor will it shock me to see mini-camps eliminated this year.
  4. ilikepargo

    I am not sure that there will be a NFL season...?

    The anti-media routine is asinine. We have an incompetent Administration that is still treating this more as a public-relations problem than as a public health crisis. But the threat is real. This virus is going to kill a lot of Americans - specifically, it will kill a lot of America's grandparents. And it isn't just about making your grandparents stay home. 21 people died in a senior center in Washington because a younger person who had the disease but didn't know it walked in and visited. It spreads mostly through close proximity. And people can have it and be spreading it for days before they have even the first sign of symptoms. With an Administration that can't seem to get its act together, it is the Media that is trying to educate people about the disease. They are the ones who are doing good and taking the scientists and the medial professionals seriously. They are actually trying to help. 5 months is a long time. If we will be smart and listen to the media and actually learn about this, maybe the problem can diminish at some point between now and then. But that means taking it seriously rather than clinging to stupid anti-media biases. BTW - @ OP: Disneyland closed today.
  5. ilikepargo

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    My neighbor across the street is a RacistNicknames fan. He's been a bit depressed recently, and I've been concerned for him. He seems to be doing a little better tonight though. Something about watching Dallas lose just seems to lift the spirits.
  6. ilikepargo

    Week 9: Cowboys @ Giants

    I was just thinking that 12-3 is not nearly enough - not because I think the Cowboys are great so much as because I just don't believe in the New York Football Giants. In fact, I was literally walking over to my laptop to post exactly that. Then the Giants proved me right before I even had a chance to post.
  7. Are we seriously supposed to respect THIS??? C'mon, man!!!
  8. This right here. Their team hasn't done enough to earn our hatred. And we don't respect their fanbase enough for them to be rivals.
  9. ilikepargo

    Week 2: Buccaneers @ Panthers

    If I had to make a list of guys who I don't really think are as good as advertised, both of these QBs would be on that list.
  10. ilikepargo

    Is Goff really worth that money?

    Part of that was that McVay was completely overmatched as well. The projection on Goff leading up to the draft was that he was the most NFL-ready but that he would be a Good rather than Great QB. The first part of that did not turn out to be true. He was not ready. The second part has turned out to be on target. The SB was clearly too much for him. He was visibly a Deer In The Headlights. The stage was too big for him. (Insert any other cliche you prefer.)
  11. ilikepargo

    Melvin Gordon just started following eagles on IG

    Are the Chargers willing to let him go for nothing? And is he willing to sign for cheap? And is he willing to be our #3 TE and maybe also play STs? No? Not interested then.
  12. ilikepargo

    Giants WR Corey Coleman suffered torn ACL

    They are going to get a REALLY high draft position for next year. Sad for the two players though.
  13. I clicked on the link, 'cause I'm not afraid of viruses. Down below the story I found this: The concept of "the smartest Cowboys fan" is hilarious.