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  1. Who's Laurie?
  2. The current weather prediction is for 76 and Partly Cloudy. Chance of rain is just 10%. Nice!
  3. Sorry I can't help. I've just got the one for me, and with a parking pass, the total just about cost me a kidney.
  4. Thanks. You too. I just found out that a church member, whom I've converted to Eagles-Fan-Ness, will also be there in the same section. She & her boyfriend, who is a Chargers fan, will be skipping church. I've already harassed her about the boyfriend. Edit = But not about skipping church.
  5. Can't this time. But I'm taking a vacation day for the Rams game in December. I'll get to tailgate.
  6. I'm the Pastor. If I'm not there in the AM, they'll notice.
  7. Is Mom home to put you in bed? Basements can be scary but she will lock the doors for you! Hahaha!


  8. Timmaaaaa is AWESOME!!!
  9. My ticket came with a parking pass, so I'm set. I'll rush to the lot, park, and then my version of "Tailgating" will involve slamming down a drink as I walk to the stadium. I may miss the kickoff by a few minutes. There should be passes available for purchase on game-day, but they also have free off-site parking and a free bus system to get you to the stadium. Look Here:
  10. Benny is a good player. I hope Timmy is as good.
  11. WAAAAAAAAA!!111!1! We didn't draft Hunt!!!!1!!!!!1!!!! WAAAAAAAAA!!!!!1!1!!!1!!!!! We drafted other guys instead!!!!!1!1!!!!11 WAAAAAAAAA!!!1!11!!!11!!!! Howie sucks!!1!1!!! WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!11!1!!!1!!11!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Just ordered a ticket for me. Rushing over after church means that I might miss the kickoff. It'll be close. But I'll be there. Endzone Section 121.
  13. You suck because you're a Cowboys fan. The other stuff is just flies on the cow pie.
  14. This is exactly why Fantasy Football is stupid. It makes you weak. If you want the Cowboys or any Cowboys player to do well, you are a traitor to the Eagles. GTFO. We don't need you.
  15. The sad part is that the ANALysts still treat him as a superstar when his behavior should make him a pariah.