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About Me

At 50 years old, I climb 5.11b. Chances are strong that you don't know what that means. Trust me - It's awesome. And I'm still getting better.

I caught the biggest Fortune Jack (seriola peruana) that google has ever heard of. Also, awesome.

I've been stung by sting rays & scorpionfish, broken a foot at the bottom of a 12-foot lead fall, shattered an ankle at the bottom of a 15-foot lead fall, suffered a third-degree burn on my hand, sliced off a hunk of finger with a nasty bait knife... Not a weekend goes by in which I don't find myself bleeding at least a little bit someplace from doing something extraordinary (or at least interesting). I believe that if you aren't bleeding at least a little bit, chances are you aren't trying hard enough. Awesome.

I brought KatieKat to the EMB, and a group of us turned her into an Eagles fan. Awesome.

I was a part of the group that founded Fans Helping Fans, and I'm still involved to this day. We've been given a lot, and I believe that if you can't bring yourself to share some of what you have with others, there might be something missing in your soul.

I've been an Eagles fan for 30+ years. I've lived through Kotite. I've lived through Rhodes. I've lived through 3-13 and 5-11. The last couple of years have been pretty horrible too. But I don't quit.

I keep going.

I am still a fan.