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  1. have you thought about changing your name yet? samuel is a turd.

  2. GPBT

    OLD BALLS!!!!!!

  3. hey dave,

    do you like me better as getpunchedbytrotter or the nuge?

  4. you suck at the internet

  5. yer bald. hehe

  6. you guys are my favorite playas. get it? you two are black? ah, nevermind.

  7. i would like to make sweet love to you. DFC has to watch. XOXOXO

  8. you are a turd. that is all.

  9. are you my brother?

  10. i know that we said we weren't going to call each other anymore, but i miss you. i love the way your tongue feels on my..............

  11. GPBT

    hey, lets get drunk and naked.

  12. word on the streets is DFC likes it when chicks take a dump on him. give it a try.

  13. GPBT

    it's locked, cocked, and ready to rock.

  14. i saw you looking at my profile.

  15. i hope you're feeling better soon.

  16. GPBT

    stalk better?

  17. i love you, reebs.

  18. i saw you in my profile.....stalker.

  19. where are you F skull?

  20. have you ever seen hunt? he has both male and female parts.

  21. GPBT

    i told her you like dudes so you wouldn't have to tell her yourself. thats what embfriends are for.