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  1. Calling him a stupid idiot is a bit much. There are millions of americans who suffers from drug addiction and maybe you just don't know how serious it could be. Only thing you can do is hope for the best for him and pray that he can kick the addiction and restart his NFL career.
  2. What's up lady? Congrats on all the great things you've accomplished over the past several months. BTW, it was just a prediction and of course I reserve the right to change my mind at a moments notice.
  3. Honestly, it doesn't matter if it's 3rd or last so I'll pass on the wager.
  4. 😆 It will be a two team race for the division with The Boys and Giants each winning at least 11 games. Washington and Philly will most likely fight for the right to stay out of the basement.
  5. Eagles first 3 games are @ Wash @ Dal vs NYG Guess the NFL decided they'll eliminate the Eagles quick and early.
  6. Hankins close to resigning
  7. Just heard on Sirius that Adrian Peterson is now linked to the Giants. Also expect Big Hank to resign now that JPP deal is done.
  8. Alshon was definitely the best move the Eagles made today. Torrey Smith is fast but he's just not that good IMO. Womack struggled mightily in Tenn but is old coach at Alabama may revive him. Overall solid day for the Eagles.
  9. Never heard of him. However, if he's as good of a blocker as you say he is then I'm all for it.
  10. That sounds a little Nelson Agholor-ish to me.
  11. The Giants signed TE Rhett Ellison to a 4yr 18m dollar deal. Who the F is Rhett and why?
  12. Great signing for the Eagles. Why only for one year though? They should focus on CB in the draft and they may be a 8 win team this upcoming season.
  13. Never mind Jeffrey is going to the Eagles after all.
  14. Alshon Jeffrey to the Eagles.
  15. Torrey Smith signed instead for the Eagles. Although I believe Britt is mediocre, he is definitely better than Torrey Smith so I'm happy.