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  1. Week 4 Open Discussion.

    Goff is gonna be a very special QB. I'm starting to see why they took him first overall. He only has a handful of starts. Him and Mariota will be the future stars with a few others coming in right behind.
  2. Week 4 Open Discussion.

    Is Barwin the former Eagle that's with the Rams now? I never payed attention to who he signed with.
  3. Week 4 Open Discussion.

    Dallas Oline is so good that their weakness (cooper) sticks out like a sore thumb. Is Chaz Green hurt?
  4. Is McNabb a Hall Of Famer?

    I never said he was a better player just that his numbers was on par or better than Young's. McNabb was the only QB of the list I named to have a 2 to 1 TD to INT ratio. It also doesn't hurt to have the greatest WR of all time to throw to either. Do you really think it's a surprise that Young had a better passer rating considering the weapons he had including the ultimate weapon? If we're going by strictly numbers then Nabb has to get in when you look at the other QB's numbers.
  5. Is McNabb a Hall Of Famer?

    You clowns? Can you have a honest debate without the name calling? When did I ever call you a hater? I disagree wholeheartedly with the notion that Aikman would of won if he was on Philly. Aikman couldn't extend a play and he would've failed with Mitchell, Pinkston, and Thrash. Yes Aikman was elite in the playoffs but he had a damn super team on offense and a damn good defense. McNabb didn't have close to what those other guys had on offense.
  6. Is McNabb a Hall Of Famer?

    Yea I remember wanting the Giants to draft Mitchell also because he was good at UCLA. I always felt Pinkston was a reach and I don't know much about McMullen. Anyway, to go to the NFCCG with those guys was amazing in itself.
  7. Is McNabb a Hall Of Famer?

    McNabb's numbers are better than alot QB's that's currently in the HOF including Aikman and Young. Difference is he didn't have Jerry Rice, Ricky Watters, or Irvin, Smith, and the greatest Oline ever. Joe Banner and Tom Heckert did McNabb a disservice by giving him weapons like WR's Na Brown, Freddie Mitchell, Todd Stinkston, and James Trash(Thrash). No QB can win with those except maybe Brady.
  8. Is McNabb a Hall Of Famer?

    Tell us how you really feel about McNabb. He's not overrated and all those loses weren't on him. Owens wanted a new contract and had nothing to do with Nabb. I don't believe Nabb liked TO very so I can understand why he didn't go to bat for him. Yes he fumbled vs the Rams but that was in the 1st qtr and Philly actually came back and took the lead. The defense had a tough time getting off the field vs the Rams. It wasn't all on McNabb. '02 was all him and that pick 6 to Ronde was ugly. They had no business losing that game. I actually think that was his best team in his whole tenure. '03 McNabb played his arse off despite his injury and was the reason why they made it to the NFCCG vs Carolina. '04 Wasn't that spygate? The second half seemed like NE knew everything they were doing. The defense couldn't stop Brady dink and dunk in the second half. '09 I agree but the writing was already on the wall. He knew his tenure was all but over there.
  9. Week 4: Bears @ Packers

    Got a feeling you might type that a lot tonight.
  10. Week 4: Bears @ Packers

    Damn Chicago didn't put up any resistance on that drive. I thought their front 7 was the strength of their team.
  11. Is McNabb a Hall Of Famer?

    While I respect you guys opinions I really think he should be in based off his numbers alone. QB - Wins - CP- Yrds - TD's - INT's McNabb - 98 - 59%- 37,276- 234- 117 J.Kelly- 101- 60% - 35,467 - 237 - 175 J.Plunkett - 72 - 52% - 25,882 - 164 - 198 J.Namith - 62 - 50% - 27,663 - 173 - 220 S.Young - 94 - 64% - 33,124 - 232 - 107 T.Aikman - 94 - 62% - 32,942 - 165 - 141 T.Bradshaw - 107 - 52% - 27,989 - 212 - 210 I know most of these guys have championships but McNabb didn't have the team that these guys had (thank god). Aikman - Had Irvin, Harper, Novacek, Emmit, and the best Oline ever. Jim Kelly - Had Reed, Lofton, Thomas, and a great defense. Steve Young - Had Rice, Taylor, Craig, and a great defense Bradshaw - Had Harris, Stallworth, Lynn Swann, and arguably the best defenses off all time. I've always liked McNabb and hoping he get in.
  12. Is McNabb a Hall Of Famer?

    I was listening to Sirius and they were debating on if he was a HOF'er or not. I would say yes and people really underestimate how great he was. I understand the Super Bowl vomiting thing but that doesn't take away from how great he was. When people talk about doing more with less, McNabb should be at the top of the list. He put the franchise on his back with guys like Pinkston, Thrash, and Mitchell. While I understand why some like his ex-teammate Hugh Douglas thinks he shouldn't, his numbers are definitely worthy. * I still believe the '02 team was the best team he played on and better than the '04 Super Bowl team. They should have beaten the Buccs.
  13. Week 3: Cowboys @ Cardinals

    Cmon man are you serious? Teams load the box to stop him and he finally broke loose and was able to eat and he wanna celebrate it. It's the same as any other player who points down the field after every first down catch.
  14. Week 3: Cowboys @ Cardinals

    Name a player that celebrates after a 3 yard loss or when things are going bad?
  15. Week 3: Cowboys @ Cardinals

    To be fair the Eagles beat a terrible Giants team and it hurts me to say that.