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  1. neal_c60

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    It's so weird. I know you typed more letters than that, but all I see is "waah waah waah". Strange, hunh?
  2. Actuall it does, and it does.
  3. How the hell are you saying he absorbed all his coaching, when the easiest thing to coach is a proper route? And you really can't make adjustments to routes unless you're actually running the routes correctly to begin with. If he was such an easy mark in man coverage, why did they routinely give him ten yard cushions? Nothing you say makes a lick of sense. A talentless TO dominated league stats soley through strength work outs, in a sport dominated by guys who lived in weight rooms since childhood. He absorbed coaching yet never improved in a single coachable aspect of his game. He was dominated by man coverage, but man corners routinely backed off him in fear. Nothing you've said so far in this entire thread has any correlation with observable reality.
  4. Interesting thing is, the OP is pretty much claiming owens gym and training time was wasted and pointless. Came in the league dirt slow and stayed that way despite the workouts. Couldn't jump before working out, still couldn't after. All that coaching did squat to improve his stone club like hands. According to the OP, the ONE THING TO learned/improved on, was his coaches told him to bump into people. The OP is saying the work ethic was pointless because he never got better(because you are only better if your metrics are better), his coaching was wasted because he never learned to catch. So we should all tell kids to stop working out, and just start bumping into people.
  5. neal_c60

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    He's like a Carr in deer headlights...
  6. neal_c60

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    Now now.Carrbagetime never hides. Everytime Carr has ished the bed, he's been right here to tell us how WELL dave's little brother ished that bed, and the talent it took to lay a log like that. Give him some time. It's hard to post when you're curled up in the corner, gently weeping and sucking your thumb. You can't demand he be in two places at the same time.
  7. You were the one who briught up draft position as a measure of talent, not me. I can't help it if you don't understand the ramifications of your own words. You are claiming Brady as talentless(and try Brady's accuracy as his talent dummy). And if you honestly believe I'm the 1st guy to talk about "tracking a ball", you're too much of a football neophyte to discuss anything about the game. Dumbest. Troll. Ever.
  8. So Tom Brady is talentless because he went in the 6th round. F sakes you get dumber every post. Owens straight blew by the guy in a simple foot race. Because that speed was just one of his enormous talents. Dumbest. Troll. Ever.
  9. So you're admitting you lied about a 22yo Owens only being able to run a 4.7 40.No way a 36yo who's top speed was 4.7 in his prime gets an inch of seperation on a db who can run a 4.7 40. Since you now admit you lied about that, don't you think it's time you start admitting the rest of your lies? Starting with the lie that the 2nd most talented wr in league history, "had no talent"? Dumbest. Troll. Ever.
  10. So you admit you never watched him. Dumbest. Troll. Ever.
  11. Here's an option you're obviously too stupid to have considered- only use quotes where people are actually willing to stand by them and be named. "Front office" can be anyone from a secretary to an accountant to by some standards, coaches and training staff. Think front office guys from the 9ers love the guy after the lawsuit? The ravens? The guys who wrote the infamous contract in philly? Stop using anonymous sources. We know you aren't bright enough to know this, but they're worthless. Like your unsupported opinion TO didn't have talent. Dumbest. Troll. Ever.
  12. You're really this stupid? Seriously? It's called a "clickbait" article. It's easy to get a billion people to agree TO was one of histories most talented, but that doesn't pull in the morons like you. So you call the position coaches in every city he had issues, even if they retired and/or moved on, and get them to unload on the guy. Of course they remain nameless, because nobody wants their name on an opinion considered that stupid by all rational thought, but you get "clickbait" that brings in the idiots. Some are even moronic enough to cite these anonymous pieces as actually meaning or proving something(this is where you jumped in nancyboy). Like football and life, you haven't the tiniest of clues how internet journalism works. Dumbest. Troll. Ever.
  13. neal_c60

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    In a corner in a ball. Sucking his thumb and softly weeping. Give him some space. He just needs a little time alone is all. (Though maybe don't rule out suicide prevention efforts. Just to be safe...)
  14. Wrong as usual about everything. Each of those teams parted ways with TO on very bad terms. Some in a court of law bad. Cripes you're an idiot. Dumbest. Troll. Ever.
  15. Let's take a guess which teams front offices these guys who won't publicly put their names to this stupidity may have been from? Dallas? San fran? Eagles? Ravens? Any other front offices he humiliated? Dumbest. Troll. Ever.