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  1. NFL Ratings Drop Thread

    I think interest in the protests has actually saved the league from the ratings being lower. Kinda like trump being an obscene gas bag pushes his approval ratings up. NFL should thank colin for protecting them from the ratings ravages of their own folly of over expansion, over exposure, free agency and fantasy football. Kids an American hero...
  2. League Expansion Conversation

    OK, besides you just ruined the league for spectators, you ruined the league for the owners. Merchandising and tickets are the small potatoes in the NFL cash buffet. It's all about the TV money. You grow the owner pool without growing the TV money, and it hits the owners in the pockets two ways. One, unless game slots go up by 25 percent, the networks now bid less, because they have to carry 4 more game time crews costing millions per game, but the ad revenue stays the same because those games just got divided up into the same time slots. So as a network my operating expenses went up, but my revenue stayed flat. I negotiate lower per game fees next contract. Two, you devalued the owners investment. Since you just shrunk team income, you just hit the owners in the pockets again, cause the net worth of the team is derived largely on income. That and supply and demand. Fewer teams to purchase, higher price, more teams, lower price. You can't expand in to any more time slots, you're already over saturated, and revenue would stay flat any way, as you just dropped the ad value of existing time slots. Now, as an owner, tell me why dropping my income, splitting my fan base and devaluing my investment makes sense.
  3. Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    It's so weird. I know you typed more letters than that, but all I see is "waah waah waah". Strange, hunh?
  4. Which team's perfect record will last the longest?

    Only because jerry williams never faced one...
  5. Did you know?

    And the cowboys played in TWO of the toilets!!
  6. Darren Sharper, Hall of Fame Nominee?

    Well, he is famous...
  7. Jerry Jones is officially losing his marbles

    Jewish mosquitoes disagree. That kind of microsurgery takes time, so factually, jones is incorrect on this point. Even mosquitoes don't want their willies just snipped willy nilly...
  8. What NFCE qb has the best game week #1?

    C'mon. Gotta be the eagles new #3 qb. A guy who wasn't going to even attend a game, is now gonna get a check to watch one from a field level seat. With free gatorade to boot! Best game ever for that guy...
  9. Daily News columnist supports Kaepernick

    You just agreed with me. Kaep is focused on the secondary illness, and is detracting from a discussion of the real issue by doing so. Yes, more privileged white folk than you realise are opening up to discussions of things like corporate justice, police militarization, rights destruction and even the inherent racial bias of the justice system. Diaglog on these issues has a chance of effecting actual change. And do a little research. Efforts like "community policing" show undeniable reductions in crime and death, for both civilians AND cops, but we're walking back from those ideas in favor of surveillance and over whelming force. Rich little kids saying "everyone sucks" does nothing to open up communication on the real issues. Sorry, but it's true.
  10. Daily News columnist supports Kaepernick

    No, I'm stating the obvious. That by opening your dialog with a percieved insult to the country as a whole, you close minds that an intelligent approach could open. The discussion of police adoption of military technology and military hardware is a major driver in police violence towards not just blacks, but ALL Americans. Reliance on technology and force has detracted from efforts like community policing, which made both citizens AND cops safer. Roll backs on rights like "stop and frisk" and "no knock warrant executions" decrease police trust, breed a climate of hostility and lead to both civilian AND police deaths. Yes, there IS systemic racism, but just saying "stop shootin black folk" doesn't actually do crap to alter that. Systemic changes in law enforcement and the current direction law enforcement is choosing alters that. And you don't generate that discussion by having an over privileged rich kid just saying, "America sucks" at a preseason football game. Sorry, but it hurts not helps a real and important issue.
  11. Daily News columnist supports Kaepernick

    That angering portions of your intended audience is counter productive to your goal? By tying it to an issue as divisive as race detracts and impedes discussion of an issue that cuts across racial boundries? That he ignores issues like the militarization of police forces in ALL communities? That it derails discussion of constitutional rights erosion in search and seizures, and the growth of technology allowing near constant monitoring of ALL Americans? That it ignores the far more common and insidious outcome for blacks arrested, not death, but being dumped into the corporate run criminal justice system? No. By all means pretend a rich kid acting like a petulant child and summing up an issue this complex in an idiotic bumper sticker like phrase like "black lives matter" is an expression of a nuanced understanding of such a complex and sweeping issue. You run with that.
  12. Daily News columnist supports Kaepernick

    Who really gives a flying frig what a football player thinks about anything but football? Ike reese claims dinosaurs are like santa and the easter bunny, just made up to make a profit. Does it really surprise anyone kaep has less than a fully nuanced understanding of the complexity of an issue this broad? As for reporters, whether they agree or disagree with kaep, I would kinda expect them all to support his right to do it. Free speech being kinda at the heart of journalism and all. And that's the funny thing about fighting for free speech. You never have to fight to protect the right to say "kittens are cute". It's always the idiot plick like west baptist church, the kkk or friends of "ole bad mustache adolph" you have to fight to protect.
  13. Hall of Fame worthy

    I don't think it can't help but push the vote one way or the other. I think it's just human nature. In most cases, it probably won't even be intentional. But I think he will suffer from some mental comparisons to his brother. I don't know enough about internal politics within HoF voters, or possible grudges, but it wouldn't surprise me if one or the other couldn't put him in or keep him out. He's in a odd position. Marginal in his own right at best, but with historic family ties.
  14. Hall of Fame worthy

    Does eli being peytons brother help, hurt or not affect his chances? Direct comparison to his brother kills him. There may be voters who dislike peyton personally and see it as a defensible way to "get him". Some voters may want a qb brother pair and vote in. Some voters may be caught up in the whole "manning dynasty", including dad, and vote sympathetically. So is he judged individually, or do his family connections hurt him, help him, or balance out to a wash?
  15. Aqib Talib reportedly shot

    Clear cut self defense. He thought he was out of control, felt he was a danger to himself, and simply fired in self defense. Textbook case for the need for concealed carry. You can never be sure when, where or who will threaten you. As in this case, it may even be yourself.