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  1. Hey Team: Some ex players and QB's from enemy teams have become really good in the media and I wanted to share just my brief opinions: Ever Liston to Tom Brady on Monday night games or on his broadcast show>? he is pretty damned fair. Vick, Tony Gonzales are really good I do like Brady and Aikmen as announcers (hated them as players of course) and they are fair and intelligent in their assessments. Same dibs for Mike Strahan and Howie Long and Jim Plunkett *yea Raiders of course. I know Eagles fans hated the Raiders and Giants for many reasons but these guys are excellent. Howie Long can also be an awesome actor looks like a marine. Mike Strahan has truly impressed me and he deserves all the credit for his TV presence also in entertainment. The Barbers are good also, hehe hello NYC, Tampa. I have nothing good to say about Chris Collinsworth and Chris Sims. Payton Manning would be perfect for Primetime, and yeah Dion was funny as Primetime entertainment hehe. The coaches: Love seeing Ditka, Cowher, Tony Dungy, Where is Brett Favre?? I would love his insight:) instead of just commercials. Just sayin'. Saving my Eagles favorite broadcasters: On radio or Air love Ike Reese,
  2. OaktownGangstah

    Week 13: Vikings @ Seahawks

    Good Seattle won!! I am rooting for Aaron Rodgers 1st now in the NFC, then for Wilson second. Agree with a poster earlier who said it's fun to watch Rodgers. I also do not find it fun to watch Brady or the Steelers Big Ben r-> Smug both are. As long as the Saints, and Minnesota choke I am super pleased:)
  3. OaktownGangstah

    Eagles vs Cowboys NFC East Division Race

    Do you realize Dallas has not gone anywhere in 19 years ? how about the poor fans in DC? They got shafted by Snyder=> He is much worse than Al Davis and Jerruh in my book for shafting fans.
  4. OaktownGangstah

    Week 13: Vikings @ Seahawks

    Since the Eagles are not going anywhere and I dislike the Saints and Rams most, I got to root for A Rodgers and the Packers. I do like Aaron and the Pack for some years, and miss the Brett Favre vs Manning shootout some years ago that was the most awesome game. I have some odd tibits for Eagles games memories, the day AJ Feely came in and made a comeback vs Tampa The day Vick saved your season and you almost beat the Packers in a Playoff, you had a legit S.Bowl calibre team back then was it in 2010? Go Pack~ and no I do not like the 49ers, but I am happy their fans have something to root for. Anyhow in the AFC. I gotta go for Mahomes for the fun factor, love that kid (even though KC is my nemesis), and I am seeing nobody touching the Ravens. Nobody! Seattle is the most dangerous under the radar team as we know it especially on the road. Lookout
  5. OaktownGangstah

    Week 10: Chargers @ Raiders

    Hey there, I wish the Raiders never moved. Thank you,
  6. OaktownGangstah

    Why has the AFC been such a clownfire?

    The Chargers have been so close so many times, they always play like the Giants: win the last 7 to try to get to the playoffs. Had they gotten in last year or the other years healthy they would have given the Pats a lot of problems. The Ravens are needing an offense they would have had more rings.. they were that good on D. Chargers since 2001 like the Eagles.. very competitive and close... best records in the NFL aside from the Cheaters.. I like the Chargers this year to make one last push as long as they don't lose those early games..
  7. OaktownGangstah

    Losers no more

    HAIL TO THE EAGLES, we are proud of you fans finally getting the well deserved ring. With Wentz back you will own the NFC for years to come. But Brady is so damn dangerous he had a helluva game.. btw glad to see Belicheck lose hahaha
  8. OaktownGangstah

    NFC Final Eagles vs Saints

    Here comes the Saints comeback, if it holds then lookout..
  9. OaktownGangstah

    NFC Final Eagles vs Saints

    It's coming maybe in the semi final.. arg..
  10. OaktownGangstah

    49'ers Playoff team 2018 season

    Let me get back to you all in 2018 December.. 31st..
  11. OaktownGangstah

    Week 16 Open Discussion.

    Why did the Falcons lose? oh yeah the Saints are the team I picked to play Philly in the NFC.. they scare me the Aints. and I an picking the Rams to annihilate the Vikes:) it will happen no matter what defense the Vikes put,. Rams will light them.. The same way the Niners did to the vaunted Jags D today...
  12. OaktownGangstah

    49'ers Playoff team 2018 season

    I believe in the 9ers, Can't stand them but a real inspiring story as they have a legit offense now with Jimmy G there. What a performance over the best defense in the league. The Jags were supposed to have a defense that was better than the 2000 Ravens but .... Niners a lock for a wildcard next year or the NFC West.. Signed 12-24-2017.
  13. OaktownGangstah

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    Maybe we need to find R starter - I heard he was trolling the KC boards and Chargers last,, He is a no show since the fall on the Oakland boards. I don't see his posts.. In Carr we trust.. signed Oakstarter LOL
  14. Rich Gannon!! LOL... GO RAID, Is R starter still around here a decade later? goodness...