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  1. Free agency and pre-draft workouts will be interesting. Free agency usually involves touring the facilities and meeting with multiple people. The draft activities obviously have the in person workouts and all that.
  2. The facts are, they don't know because this is still new. They can guess that it will slow down like other diseases do in spring. Plus other parts of the world are in their spring and warmer seasons so they are having higher temperatures and it's spreading.
  3. I read this topic title as a cartoonish Italian/Super Mario person: "Dallas a Cowboys. They tamper with-a tha players!" And Dallas sucks, they should have all their draft picks given to last year's NFCE Division winning Philadelphia Eagles for reparations.
  4. NOTW

    Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mind. Blown. All this time. I never turn it sideways on here. Incredible. @downundermike Thank you so much!
  5. NOTW

    Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    Thanks. I know typing it manually works, was just curious if the icon can be enabled on mobile or not.
  6. NOTW

    Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    Yes. Unless I'm missing something, the icon isn't on mobile so you have to manually type the word and brackets. Minor inconvenience but was curious if that's the Invision design or a feature the admins can enable.
  7. NOTW

    Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    Not sure if this has been discussed before, but does anyone know if it's possible to have the spoiler icon on mobile? @VaBeach_Eagle?
  8. NOTW

    Bowling Green, KY

    I live in Nashville, will have to check that out.
  9. They both look like morons. Mills is on injured reserve not even playing and he's bragging about being the first to take a selfie like a teenage girl. Who cares.
  10. NOTW

    Zeke Set To Hold Out Of Training Camp?

    Remember when Jerruh said "Zeke who?"
  11. NOTW

    Andrew Luck decides to retire

    Will the clip of fans booing Andrew Luck be played on pre-game and during every Colts game for the next 20 years?