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  1. Hopefully they back up the Brinks truck for him and they get stuck with his contract. (wanna go for 3rd times the charm?)
  2. Hopefully they back up the Brinks truck for him and they get stuck with his contract.
  3. He will be on ESPN for the next 1,000 years.
  4. I only looked into a few of the RBs. But others on here who seem to be fairly knowledgeable for fans have said there's a lot of RBs to be had in the 4th and 5th. And the "experts" have said it's a deep draft for RBs as well as corners. So we'll see. I'm fine with another 4th or 5th round RB if it means we solidify the corner position, and getting a potential long term answer at DE is great. Could always go OT and RB high next year to balance things out.
  5. THere are some good RBs to be had still. I'm hoping for Perine or Mack with the first pick they have in the 4th, then from there take at least 1 other corner and then whatever else. The clear biggest need this year was corner and they got 2 really good corner prospects that 2 years from now could possibly be the starting corners. That's exciting to me, I've been wanting to see them move away from free agent corners and develop draft picks for years. I actually like Rowe. But oh well. I think a good RB can be had in round 4 especially since they have two picks.
  6. Please understand at the time I had left TATE with guys complaining ad nauseum so maybe was a little passionate.
  7. It goes back to having experience as a player or coach. They know what it takes. I always like Lynch as a player, and I thought he did a good job as a color analyst in games. Too many guys try to be "personalities" on TV and he just did what he was supposed to do, analyze the games. I live near Tampa during their run and not really related but he was a good guy and fans really liked him. He will be the type of GM Elway is. He will do what's best for the franchise and make smart decisions. I hope and pray Joe Douglas becomes that guy for us. I know it's early but his pedigree and background is already good, and I want to see him develop here.
  8. Good post, agree. I thought maybe they'd take a RB in the 3rd, and then get an additional corner in the 4th since they have two of them in the 4th. But, I love drafting corners they haven't done enough of that so this is the draft to do it.
  9. I REALLY wanted 2 corners taken high and they did that, and I love it. Rasul looks good on youtube highlights and that's all I've got since I'm just average Joe fan. Other than that I have to trust Douglas and his scouts until we see how they look in preseason and this year. But on paper I like the emphasis on defense and addressing corner. Jones' injury and recovery was even more reason to draft another corner. I'm just wishful thinking here, but I was really hoping they'd get 2 starting corners out of this deep draft. I am excited that we now have that potential. Key word, potential but we'll see.
  10. On paper, this has been a great draft you have to admit.
  11. So is Jones "playing it safe" or being bold?
  12. Former players. I'm beginning to appreciate former coaches and players more and more. There are too many talking heads, draft "analysts," scouts, journalists, executives (cough cough, Howie), etc. that have never played or coached. I think it makes a difference. Not that someone can't do it without playing or coaching, but that IMO should be the rare exception. I hear all these guys on the radio whining and complaining and being negative and they've never played. I already respect Joe Douglas for what he brings and his experience and I think we're already seeing solid draft picks from him. If he keeps it up, he should be made the GM and run the franchise. I know it's early, just saying if his career path here develops we don't want him stolen to another team. Lock him up as GM and make Howie a Joe Banner bean counter or get rid of him.
  13. Who's opinion is that Allen was going to be franchise altering, but Barnett not? They were mocked around the same spot weren't they? I read plenty of hype about Barnett and some said he was the 2nd best pass rusher, some even said he's the best. Opinions vary. Again it's not like they reached for some 6th ranked DE that was a projected 3rd rounder. I don't know how anyone can say for sure Allen is "franchise altering" and Barnett isn't. They're pretty close, and Joe Douglas and the Eagles like Barnett more. So let's see how it goes.
  14. I look at it this way. We complain about their bad drafting over the years, so I"m ok with them taking a very good pick and not reaching, it is a position they need and they do have Ertz, Burton and Celek. Howard may be the next great TE and we may regret it. But I'd rather Barnett than a total reach bust pick like Marcus Smith. So IMO it's an improvement. We criticize them for trying to outsmart people or get cute or whatever and then they take a safe, solid pick that should be a solid player and now we criticize them for not being bold enough. Philly fans are simply NEVER happy with anything. Now we've got one of the best DEs and the 2nd best CB before injury. That's a big shot in the arm on defense. I like it.
  15. Given who was gone, this was a safe pick and not a reach. I liked Foster but a lot of teams passed on him due to concerns about him. I never thought they'd take Allen, and Howard fell to late 1st. I didn't think they'd take a TE, even though he would be better than Ertz. Too tough to justify since it's not a need position.