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  1. NOTW

    Are you rooting for Andy Reid now?

    Yes, go Chiefs. Hate the Pats and Saints.
  2. NOTW

    Are Eagles worst team in division

    No. They've had a lot of injuries. They are a more talented roster they just need to put it together and get guys healthy.
  3. NOTW

    Giants in rebuild mode

    All good points. It's tough for teams because if you miss on that high pick you feel like you wasted it and could have got a potentially great player at another position and then you're kicking yourself in hindsight over that OT, DE, etc. you could have had. Foles, Cousins are 2 other QBs taken in later rounds, there are probably others. True, it's the exception. Just saying if there's not a clear top QB worth taking in the top 4 picks but there is talent to be had at QB in later rounds maybe they do that.
  4. NOTW

    Giants in rebuild mode

    Sure. Just saying strictly 1st round vs later rounds. If there's not a 1st round QB worth taking in the top 3 or 4 picks, do they take BPA and then get a QB in another round or is there a prospect worth it that high?
  5. NOTW

    Giants in rebuild mode

    Agree, but... Agree on that as well. I don't follow college, are there any projected top QB prospects? Or do they rebuild other positions and take a QB in other rounds like Dallas, Seattle and other teams have done?
  6. Yes. Ales, lagers. I don't like OPA's. Mostly I drink whisky & bourbon, sometimes gin.
  7. I had local co-workers take me to legit old pubs, not modern places so i got the warm stuff. Then I went to Dublin, those are my people. They can pour a pint! I do like Fuller's London Pride though.
  8. I visited 3 times last year for work and got to see a bunch of places. Yes there is uber. Black cabs are expensive. And if you're using card, always ask before getting in a cab if they take the card you're using, and always have cash on you in case. Some sites I liked: Covent Garden. Market area with a couple pubs, shops, restaurants, street vendors with affordable items, gifts for people if you're doing that. I got a nice flat cap there for 10 pounds. Sometimes they'll have live music or street performers. The Sky Garden - it's a bar on a rooftop that is like a big greenhouse. They have live music or DJ and it's free to go up, just pay for your drinks. It's all glass and they keep it very cool and air controlled for the plants and flowers. There's a little restaurant up there as well. you get a 360 degree view of the city, it's awesome. even if just going up briefly. You can do a walking tour for just a few hours and hit Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, The London Eye (ferris wheel by the river) and a few other sites. Hit up some pubs along the way. Pubs are absolutely everywhere. Look for ones off the beaten path. If you like coffee, I liked Cafe Nero. Better than Starbucks. The food there is nothing special except the fish n chips is legit good stuff. But other than that, you're better off taking advantage of cuisine from other nearby countries. They're so close to other European countries they get some really great ethnic food. For example, check out the Bavarian Beerhouse for German beer and sausages. Another good one is Barcelona Tapas - a restaurant on Lime street (near the financial district and more modern area of town) with great Spanish food and drinks. Pro tip: difference between London Bridge and the Tower Bridge. London Bridge is just a bridge, nothing special. But people think it's the big famous looking one. The Tower Bridge is the famous one. It's right near Tower of London where the Crown Jewels are kept. It's a nice little area to walk around the Thames river (pronounced Tems). Also near the Tower Bridge is St. Katherine Pier with some shops and pubs with nice views. One is The Dickens Inn, check out the website. Been around since the 18th Century. Another pub I sent to near the Tower Bridge area is The Hung, Drawn & Quartered. Neat history of actual site of hangings. Good "pies" (think chicken pot pies but better) and drinks. Overall I like just walking around and seeing the little shops, stopping into pubs and getting to know the area. If you have time there are lots of great museums as well.
  9. Find the Philly Cheesesteak food truck!
  10. I was in the UK 3 times last year for work. The cafeteria had a sign on the menu that there are stones in one of the dishes. I knew stones couldn't mean rocks, I had to ask. They are pits like the pit of an olive. Also dirty food = junk food, like bar/pub grub, appetizer type stuff. The tube is the subway. A lift is an elevator. Biscuits are little thin cookies, not thick buttermilk bread. And yes beers at the pubs are room temperature warm.
  11. NOTW

    Waxy Oconners Pub London

    I was there when I visited London, cool place. There are a bunch of great pubs though, they're everywhere. Fun fact: There's a Philly cheesesteak food truck in London too.
  12. NOTW

    Titans September 30

    Sent you a pm.
  13. NOTW


    Yes how could I forget, Sean Lee was vital to the Dallas offense. I will update my post. ?
  14. NOTW


    Dak is good...He just needs: an elite O line an elite RB great WRs great TE great defense Sean Lee healthy better coaching better playcalling better front office better owner better accuracy better pocket presence better footwork better decision making If he has all that, he's great!
  15. NOTW

    REPORT: FA WR Corey Coleman released by Patriots

    We're fine there. Or maybe not.