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  1. NOTW

    Bowling Green, KY

    I live in Nashville, will have to check that out.
  2. They both look like morons. Mills is on injured reserve not even playing and he's bragging about being the first to take a selfie like a teenage girl. Who cares.
  3. NOTW

    Zeke Set To Hold Out Of Training Camp?

    Remember when Jerruh said "Zeke who?"
  4. NOTW

    Andrew Luck decides to retire

    Will the clip of fans booing Andrew Luck be played on pre-game and during every Colts game for the next 20 years?
  5. NOTW

    Andrew Luck decides to retire

    Shocking news! Mentally worn down, wow.
  6. NOTW

    Zeke Set To Hold Out Of Training Camp?

    Jerry: "theres less pie" left for Zeke after signing Jaylon Smith.
  7. I'll be here, come see me. ? Nashville is a great city that is growing, people and companies relocating here. Successfully hosted the NHL All-Star game a few years ago. The fans here will embrace the draft well. Will be great for the city too.
  8. They went viral as a joke to laugh at them. No one is angry at the city except for some reason Chip72 of the Eagles message board. The bridezilla will be fine, she's got offers to go on talk shows, offers from vendors offering her free events, meals and drinks to give her an experience. They are taking advantage of her going viral to advertise their businesses. Everyone will be just fine.
  9. Don't blame the city, it was VERY well known for a year. It was all over the news. The whole city has been either excited about it, or bracing for it. Everyone knew. The vendor the bride used to plan her party should have known and advised the bride. And the city of Nashville isn't thinking about some small bridal planner, what do you expect them to contact every business in the city? Everyone knew, it was all over the news. The marathon didn't touch downtown. I drove up on Saturday and parked at my work which is 8 blocks from the draft stage and there was zero traffic. The area you saw on TV was blocked off but other areas not affected. They also had a Jimmy Buffet concert, the performing arts center had an event, there were some outdoor festivals in the area but they weren't downtown.
  10. Broke attendance record per NFL, 600,000 people.
  11. I saw that That's a big thing now, there are so many bachelorette and bridal shower parties here, they come from all over the southeast and midwest. There's a company that markets at all the bridal shows and stuff. They go around on the pedal taverns or tractors pulling a mobile bar blaring music and getting drunk. It's hilarious. Or annoying when it happens past my work building and holds up traffic.
  12. The draft weekend is going to be nuts. The city in its infinite wisdom has also scheduled the Nashville Marathon that weekend, and Saturday night which is the last night of the draft there is a Jimmy Buffet concert at Bridgestone Arena. Downtown will be flooded with NFL fans and Jimmy Buffet pirate heads getting drunk after both events.
  13. It's Music City though, and Bridgestone has lots of concerts to compete with the Predators. There's no justification for 2 NBA teams in the state of TN, other states can support that. Nashville is growing fast and the city infrastructure can't keep up the way it is. There's a new convention center built a few years ago and new development happening everywhere. There are plans for a new mall and movie theater right downtown as well. They want it to be a destination city for events. They host the CMA awards every year, they've had the NHL All-Star Game, the NRA had their annual convention here, now the draft and they want to host the Super Bowl. With all the colleges which are just as popular or more popular than pro sports, the Titans and Predators I think that's enough. They are trying to get MLS. There's a AA team here the Nashville Sounds and there's a local race track for auto racing. So I don't really see another major sport coming anytime soon. The city is also trying to get a casino boat on the river that would have a sports book and be a place for events on NFL Sundays. So lots going on here I don't think they are ready for another pro sport. But as it grows maybe.
  14. Yep. SEC fans are just as die hard (if not more) for college football as any segment of NFL fans are for the pros. The fans will talk X's and O's, scheme, know stats ,etc. They know their stuff. The people calling into the radio have good questions and comments and aren't just whining like the fools they let on WIP.
  15. Well, the league wants to generate more excitement in other markets. Plus you'd be suprised. Nashville hosts regional March Madness games every year. They hosted the NHL All-star game, the city has really embraced hockey, college football is huge and the Titans are here. The sports talk radio here is actually about sports and not the troll bait crap on WIP in Philly. Don't be so quick to judge, Nashville is a great city for hosting events. The NFL is responsible to make focus on the players which they do from senior bowl to combine to draft coverage.
  16. ESPN doesn't dictate the location of the draft do they? Doesn't the NFL? And what do you mean?
  17. They have tried for baseball. NBA has the team in Memphis so TN isn't really a state for 2 teams in the same sport. They're working on getting a soccer team now too. They want to host more events, and the draft is a precursor to showing they could support the tourism of the Super Bowl.
  18. The city has been growing rapidly in recent years. Nashville is now the hub for healthcare companies. I work for one and they moved here from another state because "in healthcare administration, you have to be in Nashville." Nissan moved here from Southern California about 10 years ago and brought a bunch of people and jobs. It's a very diverse area with a large Hispanic and Middle Eastern population, people are moving from all over. It's not just music anymore. There's a lot of tech companies, Bridgestone is here, 2 major sports, gourmet dining, live theater, orchestra, art, etc. The traffic is getting worse, can't keep up with the growth. Housing prices are increasing fast. I bought my house in the suburbs almost 5 years ago and it has increased in value by almost $100,000. We get the 4 seasons but none are too extreme. A 3-4 hour drive from some other cities like Atlanta or Memphis and a day's drive from a lot of other places to visit. The airport is growing too it now has an international terminal with direct flights to London. It's a great place to live, we love it. It's not a die hard pro sports town so the NFL draft will not be like Philly or NY. The southeast is all about college football but they are nuts about the Predators, they've really embraced hockey. The Preds are more popular than the Titans here.
  19. Bump. Anyone else going to be at the draft festivities in Nashville? Come see me, I'll have my son there doing all the games and activities and stuff. Never been to a draft live. If anyone has questions about Nashville let me know, and let's grab a drink while you're here too.
  20. NOTW

    Ryan Tannehill traded to Tennessee.

    The local talk radio hosts here and the fans that call in like Mariota, they keep making excuses that he needs more talent, better coaches, etc. Finally this offseason the afternoon drive time host started asking is it time to move on from Mariota. They compared to other teams that have had more success with their young QBs and pointed to the Rams, Chiefs and Eagles as examples. Wentz far outplays Mariota they said and Mariota is never going to be great. He's right of course, but I think the Titans don't make a change yet.