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  1. Phlorida Bird

    [Spadaro] A Look At Ajayi's Fit Into Team's Culture

    It will not take til next year for this guy to make us scary good, This is the type RB we need now. He'll be ready for the game in Dallas and has the quick feet to go inside and outside to keep the chains moving. He will open up the passing game by being a true inside/outside threat that will freeze linebackers and safeties to help open seam routes for tight ends and long post patterns as well. I for one, am very excited about this addition to a very good offense that can be a truly great one!!! GO EAGLES~~~~
  2. Phlorida Bird

    Patriots trade Jimmy Garoppolo to SF for 2nd Round Pick.

    Cousins will not go to Cleveland, he is smarter than that. You will see Kirk in the Teal, Black and Gold of The Jacksonville Jaguars. They are solid everywhere but QB. I personally will be glad to see him go to AFC where we will only play him once every 3 years, since he usually plays well against us, Next season would be the first though as the Jags are on our schedule next year.
  3. Phlorida Bird

    [News] At 7-1, Eagles Winning In Variety Of Ways

    A solid team victory, albeit over a bad team. Like AR always said" any win in the NFL is a good win." If you have to have a day when the offense is going to struggle a bit, this was the time for it, as it did not cost us. Work out the bugs and get ready for Denver!
  4. Phlorida Bird

    [News] Eagles Dominate 49ers For Sixth Straight Win

    It was a sloppy field and we did not play well offensively, but the defense sure did show up to play. The facemask penalty on Graham was a bad call, even though his head did turn around. Graham had nothing but jersey and they gave them that field goal. I can't understand why Doug didn't use Clement a lot more. Blount doesn't have the nimble feet for the wet, slow surface. Fortunately, we are the better team and played well enough to still dominate the game. Big V got much needed reps, but needs to get better to keep it going against better teams. All in all, a good win and happy to be 7-1. GO EAGLES!!!!
  5. Phlorida Bird

    Am I the only Tony Romo hater?

    There is a very simple solution to your dilemma. Watch the game on your TV, but turn down the volume and listen to the radio broadcast. Don't let your emotions about Romo interfere with the game, he'll drop the ball before it's over. He always does.
  6. Phlorida Bird

    Week 6: Giants @ Broncos

    This Denver offense is pathetic,this kid rattles! Take notes Jim and pressure the QB!! The Giants D is good, but they haven't held anyone but Dallas under 20 points til tonight. Use this game tape for game planning!
  7. Phlorida Bird

    Throwback uniforms

    Interesting. I hadn't thought of that. A shrink wrap decal might still work. They do whole cars for advertising.
  8. Phlorida Bird

    Throwback uniforms

    When the topic of the Kelly Green uniform being used, it was said that we wouldn't be able to do it because we would not be permitted to have a second helmet. This is obviously incorrect as the Rams use two different helmets. They have Blue with Gold horns on one and Blue with White horns on the other. What's the story?