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  1. While I don't personally believe that JP has 3 years left in him as a Left Tackle. I still think this is a great move by the organization. We have let some players get away or leave earlier than they should have because of a lack of commitment. This sends a good message to the rest of our core players that we want to win and win with OUR GUYS. JP may wind up sliding over to guard if he can't maintain his same level of play at tackle, but he is still a great player that will help the cause. Loyalty still breeds loyalty even in the $$ driven NFL. Great players will want to come here to play if the organization continues to demonstrate the proper mix of business and loyalty. Kudos to Jeff Lurie for this move. It will pay dividends now and later. GO EAGLES!!!!
  2. Linebacker has never been a priority with this team...Time for a change!!!
  3. R. Foster!!!!!!
  4. Connor Barwin is class act and a role model in every way. His effort, character, team leadership and commitment to the community have been second to none in my 40+ years following this team. I wish him all the best in the future as I am sure he will have continued success helping some team that runs the 3-4. Good luck Connor!!
  5. All good stuff, but let's hope next week we can talk about some WR catches. We really need contributions on the outside. Show me some Treggs speed and some PAUL TURNER.
  6. After 9 games with severely lacking WR play, it's time to put Paul Turner on the field. They say he isn't fast enough. They say he isn't big enough. I realize that I only saw him in Preseason action, but he was always open. We cannot say that about anyone else. What do we possibly have to lose by giving him a shot? Will he drop more passes than Ag? I doubt it. Will he be invisible as DGB? I doubt that too. Give him a shot to give us some much needed spark. The time is right!!!
  7. Released Turner and added Marcus Johnson to practice squad. Huh???
  8. We released Turner and signed Marcus Johnson to the practice squad. HUH???
  9. Turner has shown more in his short time here than Huff has in 3 years... always open AND catches the ball!!!
  10. mjkline - Your reference to TE depth is a great talking point. I think we already have great depth a TE. his kid that is 300 pounds will be more of an asset as an offensive lineman. He has very similar history of a guy on our line right now... Jason Peters. Same type guy, TE converted to OL due to his size and outstanding blocking ability. If he transitions the same way, he could be a very dependable OT for a very long time and help this team to build the dominant line that will lead to long term success that makes the offense GO GO GO.
  11. Cunninham, you said that defensive tackle is a real concern and Bennie Logan should be a backup. I see it just the opposite. Bennie should be outstanding in a 4-3, it's his natural fit. He did a better than average job at NT and made plays in the backfield every game. Give the chance to play the gap and rush upfield, I firmly believe he will thrive. The 2 rooks you mentioned may well be excellent rotational players that will help keep everyone fresh and that's a bonus, but look for BIG things from Bennie!
  12. And then there were these guys too...Trent Cole Round - 5, Brent Celek Round - 5. Jason Peters UDFA. All big time contributors to the success we have had (although limited team success) Still players worthy of a roster spot on any NFL team
  13. I keep reading that we can't get anyone worthwhile in late rounds of the draft. People have short memories or only remember what they want to. Think about these players... Wilbert Montgomery - Round 6, Jason Kelce Round - 6, Harold Carmichael - Round 7, Seth Joyner - Round - 8, Clyde Simmons Round - 9, All star quality players, and just examples of Eagles late round picks. There have been scores of others on many other teams as well. Don't tell me you can't find value in later rounds. You just need to do your homework and find the right fits!!! I'm sure I missed some as these were just the ones that came immediately to mind. GO EAGLES!!!
  14. I personally believe that Carson Wentz is worth this pick. Jared Goff is not IMHO. If Rams pick Wentz, nothing says we HAVE to pick Goff. There are other players that will NOT fall to #8 that we could still pick with #2. Laremy Tunsil is worth the #2. So are Jalen Ramsey and Myles Jack (with careful medical clearance). All 3 of these other choices are ABSOLUTE DIFFERENCE MAKERS that we could use as key pieces for years to come. Nothing is a sure thing, including picking a QB if it is not the one we really want. We'll know in a little over a week. Stay tuned!!
  15. After reading the comments so far, I am very surprised at the negative responses. While the price may be a bit high, the thought process of getting a true "Franchise Quarterback" is of sound mind. It is the single most important factor in being a real contender season after season. To get one, some sacrifice has to be made. Everyone seems to think that Jared Goff will go first to the Rams and leave Wentz for us to pick second. I hope they are right. I like Wentz better. He has size, athleticism, a strong arm and typica, successfull pro skills. The fact that he played at ND State does not matter to me at all. He played with the best in the Senior Bowl and had an outstanding week. The competition level at ND State is not what matters. Ben Rothlisberger played at Miami of Ohio where the level of competition was also not the SEC, Pac 12, Big 10 etc., but he has done great work in the NFL. I see Wentz as the same type player. I only hope the Rams take Goff because I would love to have Carson Wentz!! I would also love to have paid less, but you have to give something to get something. We better have a RB in mind for that 3rd round pick that can be in the lineup this season to make it work. The backups for O line, D line and LB can be addressed in late rounds and FA/waver wire.