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  1. That would be downright devastating. I do not think you can overstate how bad it would be to lose to Andy in a SB.
  2. Can you imagine the complete nuclear meltdown here? They may have to shut the site down for good.
  3. We can beat anyone, but there is a group in the NFC that each could give us challenges....Atlanta, Carolina (in a 2nd game), Dallas (with Zeke), Arizona (what a difference with AP). The Rams are suddenly intriguing, but not better than us.
  4. 0-5

    The only part of Eli's future with the Giants that matters to me includes 6 or 7 sacks this Sunday and another demoralizing performance.
  5. Sounds like Dougie is happy with Blount and Smallwood in today's press, so no Slimy reunion is likely.
  6. I am fine with Blount. I just don't see him as an every down answer.
  7. Maybe, but you can't tell me that they are counting on Blount as the every down back. If so, we will have the least dynamic offense in the NFL.
  8. Not me. I think they are counting more on a healthy Smallwood than Blount. If Blount doesn't work, they will pick someone up at the cuts.
  9. No one can deny his talent, but he is a huge d@##head.
  10. He made it up. End of story. I swear Bobby is the guy who buys $100 in scratchers and brags about winning $10 in the process.
  11. Terds? I am going to have to block you. There is too much risk with getting dumber reading your posts and topics.
  12. This is probably too simple for you to understand, but here goes. You lie and make up a lot of stuff. There is NO ONE that should take what you say without verification.
  13. They should send him back for the gift 3rd we gave them in the JMatt/Dsrby deal. And we can throw in Gagholor to complete their WR Corps.
  14. Poor Krapernick and his merry band of malcontents! Clearly, most of America isn't impressed with this sideshow.
  15. That's really tough. First, he get shipped to a horrible destination and now he's injured. I genuinely feel bad for the guy to have all of that in a few days. Plus, it must be hard to look back and think that a bum, like Agholor, may replace him in our offense.