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  1. In that offense, McCaffrey will be star.
  2. I don't get what's so hard to understand. An owner can choose who works for his organization. In this case, the totality of his performance as a QB and the sideshow that he brings with him are just too much for any team right now. It doesn't matter if he is better than other players at that position. The whole picture is what matters with each and every player.
  3. Didn't he have issues in Miami, too?
  4. If Fournette is available at 14 and the Eagles pass, there will be an explosion of epic proportions.
  5. Cool story, but none of that is race-related. Slimy is a tool and his tweets, posts, comments, and actions reinforce that on a regular basis. Really, I'm still not sure what Alonso said to cause that 2nd grade tirade. Can you clarify that?
  6. That's because it's not English. I'd have a better chance understanding his concept if it were written backwards in Arabic. Really....he is that dumb. Doesn't say much for a Pitt education.
  7. With his contract payouts, that sucker has it made.
  8. It's sad that Chip ruined two teams in 2016.
  9. Not happening this season. It's too quick to give up on this attempt at at reviving the Reid/Johnson era. Pederson/Schwartz gets another year and then all bets are off.
  10. There is something about the combination of Bradford and Shurmur. They have sucked together three times and damn near ruined franchises in the process.
  11. Boldin would have been nice, but this FO is in full "see what we got already" mode and is essentially OK with the struggles at that position.
  12. Neither of them are genius offensive minds or innovators, at the moment. Garrett has been this way for a long time. If Doug is just as stale when he gets Garrett's experience, I will be shocked.
  13. Wentz will be a great asset to Philly, but Dak will be rookie of the year. The team around him is just better and winning counts.
  14. Unless he slips in the shower, he's safe. He'll be holding a clipboard....and pouting.
  15. He squared him up and knocked him out for the season.