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  1. VeeMak

    Your comment on Nick Foles

    In your opinion, is there any scenario that’s remotely possible that he is backing up Wentz next season? Would that divide the locker room?
  2. VeeMak

    Your comment on Nick Foles

    ^^^This The market for him was underwhelming fresh off of a Super Bowl MVP and historic postseason passing last year. Its hard to imagine that the market has gotten better given the more pedestrian postseason.
  3. VeeMak

    Medical Staff

    The part I found enlightening was that Howie is in charge of the Medical Staff. I think a GM’s role over football operations (coaches, players, scouts) is fairly understood but I wasn’t sure if a medical team perhaps answered directly to the owner from an HR perspective.
  4. VeeMak

    Are you rooting for Andy Reid now?

    Rooting for Andy to eat Sean Payton like an apple fritter and pick up the metrosexual coach from LA and wipe his crack with his well trimmed beard.
  5. VeeMak

    Medical Staff

    Thank you for the insight.
  6. VeeMak

    Medical Staff

    Another question to throw at you, Dave. I think it’s safe to assume at the end of the season that the coaches and staff evaluate each player on the roster, the head coach evaluates the coaching staff, and the FO evaluates the head coach to varying degrees in order to grade performance. Will the medical staff have a similar evaluation? If so, who would conduct the evaluation and how would a poor grade be remedied? Two years in a row of devastating injuries seem more than an anomaly. But perhaps these were unfortunate coincidence.
  7. VeeMak

    Kelce retiring?

    Hey Dave, Any validity to the rumor Kelce is hanging it up? Thanks
  8. VeeMak

    Cutting Vaeao

    Are you able to shed some light on this move? Eagles were already thin at DT with Jernigan and Ngata out. Against the Giants, Destiny may have had one of his better games. This one is a bit of a headscratcher.