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  1. Send me a PM and I'll make it happen
  2. Drop it, both of you.
  3. Why aren't you friends with Mod 2?

  4. Hey goes it? Yes Man!

  5. Saw the link. There is an outstanding question before we can proceed.
  6. Here's some of the list I compiled: Avatar.... I've had success with this feature, but its worth looking into to make sure there is not browser issues Ability to change posts per page. Really important Format. Some people are having serious issues. Personally, it looks fine for me. (using chrome is good, IE8 is a little funky) Supposed mobile issues (still cant confirm) Would love to see join date back by the avatar Shutting off the ability for images in sigs doesnt remove images. You can toggle between the "old way" and the "new way" in the reply window, however, when you are in the older style, you lose the buttons at the top. Would be nice to keep those in that view The see first unread post ability was broken earlier today. This one worried me: Oh, and the most useless function in the history of software is broke:
  7. It wasn't deleted.