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  1. TheGodfather

    I am not sure that there will be a NFL season...?

    This whole thing is being overblown
  2. TheGodfather

    Byron Jones to Dolphins

    Howie up to bat, strike one
  3. TheGodfather

    Thank you Eli

    We'll own Jones too
  4. TheGodfather

    Micheal Bennett Suspended by Pats

    If we're talking Yannick, I'd trade for him in a heartbeat. Bennett I'll take him back if released
  5. TheGodfather

    Micheal Bennett Suspended by Pats

    If he's cut pick him up. Only position I'm trading for is CB and WR
  6. TheGodfather

    It is painful listening to Booger MacFarland

    I can't stand that ****ot Buck
  7. TheGodfather

    It is painful listening to Booger MacFarland

    He's just a fill in until Peyton finally decides to do it
  8. TheGodfather

    Ugliest uniforms

    Cowboys hands down
  9. TheGodfather

    Jay Gruden let go...

    Nothing shocking. Thought he'd last at least half the season
  10. TheGodfather

    Bears new kicker....BWahhhahhhahahh!!!

    Their payroll on kickers is great
  11. TheGodfather

    David Irving suspended indefinitely

    He's quitting football