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  1. TheGodfather

    Hey Alvin!

    Wouldn't that make Brees overrated? Yea but can't remember what exactly happened
  2. TheGodfather

    Hey Alvin!

    Peyton Manning had horrible defenses in Indy and went to 2. Even the 1st SB with the Broncos his defense was mediocre and played without Von Miller
  3. TheGodfather

    Time for the Rams to right a wrong

    It has 0 appeal
  4. TheGodfather

    Time for the Rams to right a wrong

    F both of them. Pats will probably win
  5. TheGodfather

    Hey Dallas

    F dallas
  6. TheGodfather

    Hey Alvin!

    He just can't get it done in the playoffs. A qb of his stature to make only 1 SB appearance...
  7. TheGodfather

    Head coaching carousel

    Bucs- Bruce Aries 4 yr deal with team 5th yr option...Bowels DC Browns- Promote Freddie Kitchens to HC...Williams out as DC Cards- Kingsbury 4 yr deal...Vance Joseph DC Broncos- Fangio 4 yr deal with team 5th yr option Packers- LaFleur 4 yr deal with team 5th yr option Jets- Gase 4 yr deal
  8. TheGodfather

    Head coaching carousel

    Flacco is on his way out. They believe Jackson is their future. I would expect any coach to do the same
  9. TheGodfather

    Greatest game in NFL history - Pats/Chiefs

  10. TheGodfather

    Who Opens 2019 against the Super Bowl Winner?

    That's easy. Same team they beat in the championship games
  11. TheGodfather

    Jeff Fisher Sucks

    McNair was a beast!
  12. TheGodfather

    Hey Alvin!

    Brees is the most overrated QB in NFL history
  13. TheGodfather

    Jags To Hire John DeFilippo As New OC

  14. TheGodfather

    Final Super Bowl 53 predictions?

    F the final 4 teams
  15. TheGodfather

    81 combined years Brees and Brady

    F both of them
  16. TheGodfather

    Brees-Brady SB

    F both of them
  17. Hope Andy wins it
  18. TheGodfather

    Your team can't win the next Super Bowl ...

    From the remaining teams?
  19. TheGodfather

    Head coaching carousel

    Cincy and Miami...but apparently they have their guy. Waiting for those teams PO to end
  20. TheGodfather

    Head coaching carousel

    Vance Joseph to AZ as the new DC
  21. TheGodfather

    Head coaching carousel

    That's what I was thinking
  22. TheGodfather

    Head coaching carousel

    Jim Bob Cooter interviewing for Browns OC
  23. TheGodfather

    Head coaching carousel

    Nothing. He was hot name last offseason and now nothing
  24. TheGodfather

    Head coaching carousel

    Cincys expecting to hire Zac Taylor. OC for the Rams 'Phins expecting to hire Flores. LB coach for Pats
  25. TheGodfather

    Head coaching carousel

    Filip hasn't recieved any interest. Bring him back