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  1. Sweat needs to step up this year. I'm not worried about Barnett. He was our best pass rusher last year before he got hurt 

  2. 37 minutes ago, Utebird said:

    I agree why would howard be on notice?

    Sanders is pretty raw and he might take some snaps from howard but theyre not going to trade him.

    What if Sanders were to get hurt?

    Then we'd be back in the same mess as last year.

    This writer is up in the night.

    I can see us keeping Howard beyond this season. I believe Doug uses both well and keeps them refreshed 

  3. Howard? :roll: writer is a fn turd 

    Agholor I can see in a possible trade if they want to shred his cap number to help with flexibility when it comes to Wentz new deal. Not sure they get a deal done. I see him back for this season. I like Agholor but I'm extremely excited to watch JJ play in this offense. This kid is good. His ability to box defenders out, catch those 50/50 balls, good route runner and excellent hands