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  1. DeathByEagle

    And now Michael Bennett...

    The bad part of this is now that hes been traded he will be a good boy the rest of the season. Its actually a good move by Dallas. Now for the long term, no. But for the rest of this year, nice move.
  2. DeathByEagle

    Melvin Gordon just started following eagles on IG

    Why? Jordan has had more yards and ypc in the last 2 years then Gordon with having a limited role as well. I think people are underestimating Howard quite a bit. Not to mention Howard will want somewhere in the 5-6 mill range per year where Gordon wants in the 13-15 per year. IDK, Im doing the math and seeing Howard as the better option.
  3. DeathByEagle

    Melvin Gordon just started following eagles on IG

    Gordon is just a name. The stats really dont match the hype. 4.0 ypc over 4 years. Only reason its that high is because he finally reached 5.0 last year. Only 1 season over 1k, yes a few others close but still short. Hes only had 1 season that he was healthy the entire season on top of that. I just dont see the productivity match the hype. No way hes worth his asking price. Id pass
  4. DeathByEagle

    Melvin Gordon just started following eagles on IG

    Does it slow ur hype down a little that he added the Raiders, Falcons and 49ers as well???? By now you should know players use the Eagles to gain hype from other teams.
  5. Agreed. Im a season ticket holder so wouldnt affect me much there since I have to pay for all the games no matter what, but I also attend 1 away game every year. Id be pretty pissed spending 2-5K to drive or fly out there, book a hotel, car, food, tickets to find out Wentz and others are benched that game and was considered a throw away game. Plain and simple the players are paid based off a 20 game season. Shouldnt matter if its 16 or 18 reg season games. Man up and play.
  6. DeathByEagle

    Jeff Fisher Says He Misses Coaching, Players

    Rather have Rex Ryan over him as DC if we are looking at HC returning to be a DC.
  7. DeathByEagle

    Panasonic Lounge?

    Its the club level lounge So if you have club level seats you have access.
  8. Bingo. They are the worst cheese steaks in Philly and South Jersey. They only get the hype by outsiders who see them on the MNF games. Tons of other places. You can throw a rock in any direction and hit 4 or 5 better places.
  9. Watched it.............Looked like nothing. Almost looks like the guard is smiling and Zeke was messing around. Not sure I see anything coming from this unless the NFL thinks it makes the brand look bad with the news. On a diff note, what is up with his girls g string shorts, lol.
  10. Honestly there is no bad seat in the house. You can wait but either way is a risk. With it being the end of the season youll get either super high priced tickets if the game means anything for the div. Even if they already won the div the prices will be high cause its the cowboys. The ONLY way they reduce is if the Eagles dont have a snow balls chance at making the playoffs. So there is a risk by waiting if the season goes anything like we all hope it will.
  11. DeathByEagle

    Why do people consider Terrell Owens so "talented?"

    HOF Nuff Said
  12. DeathByEagle

    Eli Manning Social Media Handle?

    Was listening to NFL network and they said Eli Manning does not have any social media accounts. Then someone said, well maybe he has a fake account in hiding to keep up on whats being said about him. So then the question asked was What guesses out there do people have that could be Eli's social media handle? So lets have some fun with this. If you were making a Social Media Handle for Eli, what would it be?
  13. DeathByEagle

    Seahawks trade Clark to KC

    Id have to disagree with having a top 10-15 defense. Guess time will tell.
  14. DeathByEagle

    Seahawks trade Clark to KC

    Dee Ford has played DE in the NFL and college with his hands in the dirt. He did it well enough to get drafted in the 1st round so he does fit the build and has the experience. Now I will give it that he is smaller then Spags type of DE so that would be the selling point there. But to give up what they gave up in the situation the Hawks were in was not smart. Hawks took them to the cleaners. Clark is a very good player, no question about that. But hes no Mack. Esp on a team that their defense is destroyed and needs all the picks they can get to help rebuild that defense. The Bears had a really nice Defense already and wanted that one extra piece to take them to the next level. The Chiefs dont have anything on defense. I get they want to rebuild to a new scheme but to go all in on one player and give up needed picks to get it was not smart for the long run. Reid will never win a SB in KC just like in Philly. He will come close, but wont pull it off. This trade hurt the Chiefs more then helped them draft wise and cap wise. Reid feels he can just out score his teams lack of defense, well that wont win him a SB.
  15. DeathByEagle

    Seahawks trade Clark to KC

    Big score for Andy? He over paid BIG TIME. The hawks could not resign Clark and Wagner after the Wilson trade. They were in a bind and the Chiefs helped them out huge. If I was a chiefs fan id be pissed. You traded Dee Ford for a 2nd to get Clark for a 1st, 2nd and swap 3rds. Then pay Clark as one of the top Dline players in the NFL. Why not just resign Dee Ford to the same deal 9ers did and keep your 1st rounder? Both are very productive players in the same position. Actually Ford had a better year then Clark last year in tackles, same sacks. Age is honestly the only difference(3 years diff). KC needs players big time, there defense is destroyed, they needed those picks. The GM(Andy)dropped the ball on it.