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  1. DeathByEagle

    Johnny Manziel kicked out of the CFL

    Does anyone really care about him anymore? I think at this point everyone knows he sucks giant monkey ____.
  2. DeathByEagle

    LeVeon Bell to the Jets

    Karma. Had to take a deal for less then the Steelers offered to him last year. Greed took a bite out of him today. Im sure him accepting this deal was a hard pill to swallow with all the drama he stirred up.
  3. DeathByEagle

    Giants agree to trade WR Odell Beckham Jr to Browns

    This trade was all about money just like AB, just less public. OBJ already saying he wants an "adjustment" to his deal he signed last year. Im sure it will put him over AB's deal. The AB trade was horrible for the NFL, trickle effect has already started. Giants did not get the block buster they said they needed. Peppers was a disappointment and they were calling for him to be benched. But new team, new system maybe he plays better. This trade just proves the Gmen know they need to start fresh. Get rid of the locker room head ache now. As for Rosen from Zona, I like the fit but not for a first rounder. His value is not the same this year as last year. Id throw a 2nd rounder offer on him if Im Gmen. Id like to see how he could do over there, thing its a better scheme fit for him.
  4. DeathByEagle

    Antonio Brown Saga

    Is kinda funny Mod5 closed the AB posts saying he was traded to Buff, lol. This is why you wait till its finalized. Guess he never learned from the LeCharles Bentley drama, lol Not that I want AB, I think hes a head case, but funny people jumped the gun so quick on it, lol.
  5. DeathByEagle

    Are you rooting for Andy Reid now?

    Does that req me to like him? I didnt say he wasnt a good coach here, I didnt say he was a scum bag. I just personally dont like his coaching style and never will. I dont like his personality, or much of anything else about him. Just cause he had success here doesnt force me to like him and have to root for him. Sorry
  6. DeathByEagle

    Are you rooting for Andy Reid now?

    I never liked Reid, never will. Id go with Saints.
  7. DeathByEagle

    Redskins "Year in GIFs" thread... TOO FUNNY!!!

    The little girl dropping the ball saying "Im trying" with Dotson name above is by far the best one, lol
  8. DeathByEagle

    Where does Nick Foles wind up next season?

    I can see him taking a cap friendly deal to stay with Eagles or he retires. He seams to love it here, great relationship with the team, coaches and Wentz. Fans love him and he knows it. Hes already thought about retiring before he came to Philly. He has money already. So thats why I say its Philly or done for him.
  9. DeathByEagle

    Pro Football Hall of Fame induction questions

    Lucky looks like my downstairs AC unit was only a capacitor and Freon so was not as much as I was expecting. But I have to save some cash for my trip to Titan land for our yearly away game trip. So dinner tickets are not a option for me, lol. Wife put me on a budget with all our trips this year. Sorry, GL to u man.
  10. DeathByEagle

    Pro Football Hall of Fame induction questions

    That sucks for sure. Like the guy above, I went with the Enshrinement tickets, Museum and Parade. Hot Water heaters will always get u at the wrong time. I just changed mine out last year to a tank less so I know it can get pricey. Hell my downstairs AC unit just went yesterday BUT NOTHING will keep me from seeing Dawk go into the Hall. NOTHING, lol. Maybe you can figure a way to do both. GL to you and maybe Ill see u there.
  11. How did you get ur tickets already? They dont ship till the first week of July. I called 4 times and they wouldnt sent early cause they ship them out all in the same week. Just got the email last week saying they all ship between the 9th and the 20th.
  12. DeathByEagle

    Anybody going to the NFL Draft?

    Why would anyone want to go to the Draft in Dallas? We dont want their attendance to even come close to ours. We want to prove that people in Dallas just dont care, just like they dont care about their team unless they are winning.
  13. Its not a big increase really. Im fine with it. Could be worse. Well worth the SB championship.
  14. DeathByEagle

    Super Bowl Lottery

    yes i know, lol. I like many others didnt get selected:( But he didnt ask if he was part of the lottery, he asked if hes entitled to buy them, lol.