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  1. KzEaglefan86

    Make your bold predictions for 2018

    Damn, jinxed him hard. Glad you didn't predict Goedert would be OROY!
  2. KzEaglefan86

    Why do people consider Terrell Owens so "talented?"

    So, essentially, everyone can be a HOF caliber WR if they just match Owens' work ethic. No special talent/abilities necessary. Thanks for the awesome 6 year long thread, Billy!
  3. KzEaglefan86

    Who is your favorite Rookie for 2018?

    OP self-owns with every single post because of his signature.
  4. KzEaglefan86

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    I'll miss him, then.
  5. KzEaglefan86

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Well, I was in the area with family and we decided to stop by Redskins training camp for the afternoon practice this past Saturday and, well, it was about as dead as this thread. I'm talking probably only about 300 people for a completely free event. Granted, it was hot and humid outside, and the players weren't in full pads, but it was kind of stunning to see just how few people were out there. I remember thinking if I were close to Eagles training camp and there was a possibility of watching Wentz or Foles fling around passes and maybe get lucky to get some autographs, there's no way I would miss a minute. Anyway, saw Alex Smith run a few QB options and was within earshot of Josh Norman and had to suppress my urge to heckle him.
  6. KzEaglefan86

    LeSean McCoy Accusations

    Hmm, If I had to guess, knowing McCoy's immaturity and character, I'd say he's probably guilty. I mean, I think it's just too much of a coincidence that in the days leading up to the event he was trying to recover the jewelry, evict her, and had his security system disabled or changed right before the attack. That said, there isn't enough evidence to convict him in a court of law, so I expect this whole thing to blow over, especially now that she's back-tracking a bit (and potentially could have some hush money come her way). On a side note, it's a bit tough to have sympathy for a woman who is clearly gold-digging and then refuses to vacate the property in a reasonable amount of time after the relationship turns south.
  7. KzEaglefan86

    LeSean McCoy Accusations

    Um, the motive would be to get her out of his house and to get the jewelry he was trying to recover back from her. Did you read the story at all?
  8. KzEaglefan86

    Reuben Foster

    Sounds like the crazy runs in that family.
  9. KzEaglefan86

    Dez to be released

    Wow, the Cowboys receivers went from poor to trainwreck with that move.
  10. Aikman's issues from his playing football days are pretty well documented as are Young's, I believe. As to your question, my best guess is that some people are simply genetically predisposed to being able to endure hits better than others. Kind of like the boxing episode of the Simpson's where Homer has an unusually thick skull that allows him to absorb punishment.
  11. KzEaglefan86

    Official 2018 NFL Off-Season Thread (News, Trades, Signings)

    Yup, then all they'd need is 4 more starters along the offensive line, a young QB, and a new defense and they'll be loaded!
  12. KzEaglefan86

    Texans to shun kneeling FAs?

    I like this gem from the article: Uh, yeah, an entire team full of all-pros. What owner would want that?
  13. KzEaglefan86


    Umm, congrats on your divorce and/or having to pay 18 years of child support?
  14. KzEaglefan86

    I Hope the Giants Don't Get Darnold.

    I'd much rather take the Pats path to a dynasty. Play in the worst division in football for a decade and a half. Pile up playoff appearances and a few Super Bowls along the way.