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  1. KzEaglefan86

    Seahawks and Wilson agree to mega contract

    Eh, he's played three seasons and has had one MVP caliber season. That's a pretty big deal. Granted, last year he struggled with injuries and inconsistency, but he had a historic year 2.
  2. KzEaglefan86

    AAF Officially Dead , 2 weeks before end of season.

    I was in the championship of my fantasy team's league, too. Curse the luck!
  3. KzEaglefan86

    Giants agree to trade WR Odell Beckham Jr to Browns

    On paper, I like this trade for the Giants. Beckham is an incredible talent, but between the contract and the headache that comes with having him, I think flipping him for a 1st, a 3rd, and a starting safety is a good deal. Of course, this is all contingent on them using the picks well, so they could still wind up big losers if they pick a bust at 17.
  4. KzEaglefan86

    Antonio Brown Saga

    Man, raiders did pretty well for themselves especially when you consider they traded cooper for a first. Combining the trades, they gave up cooper, a third and a fifth, and got brown and a first. Not a bad haul.
  5. The HappyFoosball jinx strikes again! Thanks for helping the Eagles make it to the playoffs, buddy!
  6. KzEaglefan86

    Rodgers is a Fraud

    LOL @ "7 wins better" comparing a SB record to a team that missed the playoff with 11 wins. This isn't a serious post, is it? Matt freaking Cassell won 11 games with the Patriots. 11. There's no comparison between Rodgers supporting cast throughout the years and Brady's. It's not close.
  7. KzEaglefan86

    Rooting hard AF for Andy and the "Chefs"...

    I'd be OK with anyone from the AFC taking it except for the Pats or Steelers. From the NFC, if the Eagles are out of the equation, I'd be rooting for the Bears and would be fine if the Vikings or Rams won. Cowboys, Saints, Seahawks, Cowboys, and Cowboys can go eff themselves. Oh, especially the Cowboys. Eff them.
  8. KzEaglefan86

    Rodgers is a Fraud

    Meh Brady and Rodgers are both great QBs, but to counter your myopic look at each QBs W/L record, take Tom off the Patriots for a year and they go 11-5 (and play well when he was suspended for Deflate Gate). Take Rodgers off the Packers and they are a dumpster fire.
  9. KzEaglefan86

    Dez Bryant a Saint.

    One too many! ?
  10. KzEaglefan86

    Dez Bryant a Saint.

    Yeah, seeing Tom Brady win another Super Bowl would be magical.
  11. KzEaglefan86

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    rstarter's done, but KingNabb lives on.
  12. I know when I tune in on Sundays I like to see the refs making judgement calls on poorly defined rules. NFL nailed it again!
  13. Uh oh, sounds like another Titus Young situation in the making. Hopefully he gets the help he needs.
  14. KzEaglefan86

    Clay Matthews was jobbed

    Meh, maybe they aren't supposed to call it, but I'm 90% sure they would. It's about the optics, too. If the hit looks violent, the flag is most likely coming out.