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  1. KzEaglefan86

    Dez Bryant a Saint.

    One too many! ?
  2. KzEaglefan86

    Dez Bryant a Saint.

    Yeah, seeing Tom Brady win another Super Bowl would be magical.
  3. KzEaglefan86

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    rstarter's done, but KingNabb lives on.
  4. I know when I tune in on Sundays I like to see the refs making judgement calls on poorly defined rules. NFL nailed it again!
  5. Uh oh, sounds like another Titus Young situation in the making. Hopefully he gets the help he needs.
  6. KzEaglefan86

    Clay Matthews was jobbed

    Meh, maybe they aren't supposed to call it, but I'm 90% sure they would. It's about the optics, too. If the hit looks violent, the flag is most likely coming out.
  7. KzEaglefan86

    Clay Matthews was jobbed

  8. LOL, they don't have a lot of leverage if the most they can threaten is to not attend the annual HOF ceremony that ranks about 497th on the list of things people want to watch when it comes to the NFL.
  9. KzEaglefan86

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    I thought we confirmed that rstarter and KingNabb were one in the same. Seems KingNabb still watches football and posts in TATE occasionally...
  10. KzEaglefan86

    Best NFC ever?

    So the only team that qualifies as a juggernaut is the Pats despite the fact that the Eagles just beat the Pats bloody in the Super Bowl with their backup QB. Riiight.
  11. KzEaglefan86

    Kaepernick still no job

    Disagree with that. Everyone buys Nike's. Now there's a large contingent who won't. We'll see if the free publicity generated from the controversial move offsets the costumers they'll lose.
  12. KzEaglefan86

    Mychal Kendricks released by the Browns

    I like that the general sentiment in here is that the proper karmic retribution for telling your new teammates that Ertz isn't that great at blocking is to lose your career and potentially a couple years of your freedom. Rough crowd.
  13. KzEaglefan86

    Teddy Bridgewater Traded to Saints

    He's only 25. If he's still got it, he'll get his chance.
  14. This is just another of many highly subjective rules that will give officials even more power to determine the outcome of games. It's awful.
  15. KzEaglefan86

    Make your bold predictions for 2018

    Damn, jinxed him hard. Glad you didn't predict Goedert would be OROY!