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Found 5 results

  1. First time ever there has been an early season "flex" on Sunday Night Football: Not really a surprise after the 49ers lost at home to the previously winless Cardinals to fall to 1-5. With this week likely seeing a shellacking in Green Bay, we could see them 1-6. Chiefs become the first team in NFL history to play back-to-back Sunday Night games before the main "flex" period in Weeks 10-11 starts. This also likely means the Week 13 meeting between the 49ers and Seahawks will likely also be flexed out with right now Chargers-Steelers the favorites to take that slot. Would not be surprised if the 49ers completely tank to finish 1-15, get the #1 overall pick and be in a position to get a king's ransom from a team desperate for a starting QB willing to trade the store to get such since Jimmy G will be back next season.
  2. When the 49s gave a QB that huge deal that had played what 7 games? Started a chain. All Star Veteran QBS went if he gets that for 7 games I'm going to cash in. Then Minnesota gave Captain Average another rediculous deal. Next up is Rodgers and Ryan. By the time it comes around to Wentz it's going to cost so much money it's going to damage rest of team.
  3. Wallyhorse

    Most likely team to go 0-16

    Which of the remaining winless teams has the best chance to finish 0-16? Tough call, but after giving away a game to a Jets team that was supposed to be TANKING this season, I'd say the Browns have the best chance not to win a game the rest of the year. Their schedule: Week 6 Sun, Oct 15 @ Houston 1:00 PM CBS 7 Sun, Oct 22 vs Tennessee 1:00 PM CBS 8 Sun, Oct 29 vs Minnesota (in London) 9:30 AM NFL 9 BYE WEEK 10 Sun, Nov 12 @ Detroit 1:00 PM CBS 11 Sun, Nov 19 vs Jacksonville 1:00 PM CBS 12 Sun, Nov 26 @ Cincinnati 1:00 PM CBS 13 Sun, Dec 3 @ LA Chargers 4:05 PM CBS 14 Sun, Dec 10 vs Green Bay 1:00 PM FOX 15 Sun, Dec 17 vs Baltimore 1:00 PM CBS 16 Sun, Dec 24 @ Chicago 1:00 PM CBS 17 Sun, Dec 31 @ Pittsburgh 1:00 PM CBS Remaining schedule for the 49ers: Week 6 Sun, Oct 15 @ Washington 1:00 PM FOX 7 Sun, Oct 22 vs Dallas 4:05 PM FOX 8 Sun, Oct 29 @ Philadelphia 1:00 PM FOX 9 Sun, Nov 5 vs Arizona 4:05 PM FOX 10 Sun, Nov 12 vs New York 4:25 PM FOX 11 BYE WEEK 12 Sun, Nov 26 vs Seattle 4:05 PM FOX 13 Sun, Dec 3 @ Chicago 1:00 PM CBS 14 Sun, Dec 10 @ Houston 1:00 PM FOX 15 Sun, Dec 17 vs Tennessee 4:25 PM CBS 16 Sun, Dec 24 vs Jacksonville 4:05 PM CBS 17 Sun, Dec 31 @ LA Rams 4:25 PM FOX Remaining schedule for the Giants: Week 6 Sun, Oct 15 @ Denver 8:30 PM NBC 7 Sun, Oct 22 vs Seattle 4:25 PM CBS 8 BYE WEEK 9 Sun, Nov 5 vs Los Angeles 1:00 PM FOX 10 Sun, Nov 12 @ San Francisco 4:25 PM FOX 11 Sun, Nov 19 vs Kansas City 1:00 PM CBS 12 Thu, Nov 23 @ Washington 8:30 PM NBC 13 Sun, Dec 3 @ Oakland 4:25 PM FOX 14 Sun, Dec 10 vs Dallas 4:25 PM FOX 15 Sun, Dec 17 vs Philadelphia 1:00 PM FOX 16 Sun, Dec 24 @ Arizona 4:25 PM FOX 17 Sun, Dec 31 vs Washington 1:00 PM FOX