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Found 1 result

  1. Hello fellow Eagles fans!!! I wanted to discuss my experience in London, England, for the game versus the Jacksonville Jaguars! Hopefully this experience will assist you next time we play there or if you're ever in the city for vacation. I have a few points I want to touch on about what to do in the city and things to note when traveling abroad. I lived in London, England for about 6 months while in college. On the East-side of the city, so I have a broader perspective when it comes to things to do in London while there for a short stay. The British Pound isn’t as strong as it used to be when compared to the U.S. Dollar. But it is still worth more when it comes to currency exchange rates. For for a general rule of thumb, for every 1 British pound you spend, it will be equivalent to about $1.50 (US). Again that is a base general rule of thumb, the currency exchange rate changes constantly. London weather is more on the dreary side in the fall and winter months. But on clear days it can be very beautiful. During the football season in the Fall, the weather isn’t terrible. A nice versatile coat will do the trick, not too heavy, not to light but make sure it can handle rain. What I love about London is their fairly easy, expansive and reliable public transportation system. They call their subway system "The Tube”, the Tube services the greater London Area, that competes with New York in size. New York’s subway system may be large, but can be very unreliable sometimes. Outside riding in the expensive fancy taxi cabs for the experience, using London’s bus and subway system is way more cost effective and in some cases faster. And the city views from the top of the famous double decker busses are great. Food-wise When it comes to London, I feel like we as Americans give England a bad reputation for not having the best food. But I believe that to be far from the truth, London is one of the largest and most diverse cities in the whole world which means if traditional English food, doesn’t suit your taste, you have plenty of other options that isn’t Mcdonald’s. A restaurant that is very popular with American’s is Nando’s Peri Peri Chicken. It is a grilled chicken wing restaurant that has some of the best sauces I have personally ever had. If you are not that adventurous with food, Nando’s is a great place to start with. But if you are adventurous food-wise, London has lots to offer. Of course you have the classic fish and chips, English Breakfast, and Sunday Roast Dinners. But London is also known for their Indian Curry. Chinatown has quality restaurants. If you head over to East London, Brick Lane Biegel in Shoreditch has a Salt Beef Biegel Bake sandwich that is literally to die for. In the SoHo District (Downtown Central London), they have very good sushi restaurants where some are all you can eat! Ben’s Cookies is a amazing cookie place for dessert. There is one in Central London. Of course, if you are visiting London, you will want to do all the touristy things. Big Ben is cool to see at night (Currently under construction for a few years). The London Eye Ferris Wheel has a decent view of the city. But the price you pay, and time you wait to get to the top, it may not be worth it for you. But if you do go, the best time to do so is at night. Winston Churchill’s bunker is a nice history museum. If you want to leave the city of London for a day, consider going to Stonehenge and the city of Bath. You can combine those two places into a one full day trip.. If you do take a trip to Stonehenge you will see the "Real England” with old houses and pastures. Being that we are Eagles fans, that means we are sports fans as well. European football (Soccer) is the most popular sport in the world and England treats Soccer the way Americans treat the NFL. Its religion. I highly recommend going to a professional soccer game while visiting. The English leagues plays from fall to late spring. There are tons of soccer clubs in London, from Major clubs like Chelsea to small neighborhood clubs like Leyton Orient. One of my favorite overall experiences is going to soccer matches. You will also find a Pub on every corner in London. Pubs are neighborhood bars. Traditional or sports bars. English people love their pubs after a hard days of work or before the big game. A lot of the establishments cook great food as well. Some Pubs also host free comedy nights where comedians come in to perform! When it comes to Regular NFL Season games being played in London, England, Fans from many NFL teams attend for the experience. But because the Eagles fanbase is so passionate, 25% of the tickets sold on Stub Bub for this game came from the state of Pennsylvania. The games are played at Wembley Stadium on the west side of London. Beautiful stadium to tour or attend a game at. Before the game, I tailgated with The Green Legion, which is a traveling Eagles fan group. They hosted a huge Eagles tailgate at the Green Man Pub in London and it was Amazing. I interviewed ex-Eagle Hollis Thomas at the tailgate as well. I honestly did not see many Jaguars fans at the game. I believe I saw more cowboys jerseys than Jaguars jersey’s. But like I said, this is not the typical game where only 2 team’s of fans show up. Overall, I love the city of London. Great place to live and visit. I did not scratch the surface on what you can do in the city but if you do your own research, you wont have any trouble finding stuff. Also if you wanted to extend your stay in Europe going to other countries. Plane and train flights are very inexpensive, to get from one country to the next. If you're interested in the London, England tailgate interviews I filmed. Head over to my Production Company's Youtube Channel, D.A.T.A Productions, to see all my different fan interviews from the 2018 Season. Here is the link for my video. Subscribe to my channel as well. GO BIRDS!!!!! Week 8 vs Jacksonville Jaguars (London, England) Interviews: My name is D. Arthur Turner IV. I am originally from Lancaster, PA but live on the West Coast. I am also a documentary filmmaker. I traveled around with the Eagles to EVERY AWAY GAME in the 2018 season as we defended our Super Bowl 52 title. The Eagles fanbase is HANDS DOWN the best traveling fanbase in all of American Sports and I wanted to capture that passion via film for my next movie. I interviewed many fans at tailgates, getting their perspective. My ultimate goal is to submit my documentary to Sundance Film Festival in September 2019.