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Found 8 results

  1. rstarter

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    Jay Glazer ‏@JayGlazer 18m Breaking: Raiders players have been informed that the team is making the switch at QB and starting Derek Carr over Matt Schaub
  2. AlpineEagle

    Week 10: Chargers @ Raiders

    Chargers @ Raiders - Final Prime Time Game @ Ring Central Coliseum
  3. AlpineEagle

    Week 1: Broncos @ Raiders

    Broncos @ Raiders (Final Season Opener for Ring Central Coliseum)
  4. AlpineEagle

    Week 16: Broncos @ Raiders

    Broncos @ Raiders Could it be their Final NFL Game @ Oakland Coliseum
  5. Will Las Vegas be a good NFL city? In other words, do you think the people will support the team? Several factors could affect the outcome. Besides how good the team is, you have things like how the NFL struggles a little bit more out West than it does in the Northeast and Midwest. Los Angeles has never been a great NFL city, for instance, and Phoenix was a laughingstock for the first 20 years they had a team, as two examples. Or, take into account that the Pac-12 reigns supreme in that part of the country. But then again, Nevada has no vested interest in the Pac-12, so maybe things will work out. Or, take into account how many people are transplants. But are these transplants from California? Are they from the Bay Area? Are they from Los Angeles, where the Raiders are still a little popular? The latest layer to unfold in this question is the success of the Vegas Golden Knights of the NHL. The Golden Knights have 15,000-16,000 season ticket holders. These season ticket holders are all individuals, not casinos or hotels. Now with the Golden Knights in the Stanley Cup Finals, the team has had success from the start, so that should carry on into the next 3-4 years, at a minimum. But will be carry on longer? Is Las Vegas actually a hockey town? Could that impact the success of the Raiders when they move?