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Found 11 results

  1. Week 2: Texans @ Bengals

    Texans @ Bengals Deshaun Watson making his First NFL Start for the Texans
  3. Either the Jaguars got worse at pass defense this year than last or the Bengals passing game improved from last year. They are throwing with easy, a few dropped passes that should've been catches. I am surprised that both teams have their starting QBs still in with the 3rd qtr going on.. AJ Green got dinged up on a short pass by accidental contact, he says he's fine & wont miss play time next week. Looks like the Jaguars have benched Bortles for Chad Henne whom has proven that he is indeed not the best back up QB as the Jaguars claim. I think he's 31 years old, but hasn't shown anything in Jacksonville or Miami to warrant being on a roster IMO. Denard Robinson might not make the roster (rumour) if he doesn't the Eagles should pick him up. He had flashes of good running in the last two years. He can't catch to save his life and tends to fumble at times, and not the best blocker on pass plays. However as like sproles he can be very useful in open space. Hard to tell if the Jaguars are simply horrible on both sides of the ball at home, or if the Bengals are going to be really good this year. Maybe its a bit of both.
  4. #6 Steelers @ #3 Bengals If the Steelers Win, Play the Broncos Next If the Bengals Win, Play the Patriots Next Bengals on a 7 Game Losing Streak in Playoffs
  5. Week 16: Bengals @ Broncos

    Bengals @ Broncos Bengals can Clinch a First Round Bye with a Win Broncos can Clinch the AFC WEST with a Win and a Chiefs Loss EDIT: (No Division Title with Chief Win)
  6. EDIT: This poll has been adjusted to reflect the Bengals losing to the Texans in Week 10. It's only halfway through the games for them, but...... This is the latest ever into a season we have had three unbeatens. It is conceivable (even if highly unlikely) ALL THREE could finish 16-0 since none of them play each other. Of those three, who is most likely to finish 16-0? I would say the Panthers because they got by what probably was their biggest obstacle (Packers) and the remainder of their schedule does not look exactly imposing. Especially with the Falcons faltering as they have, there is a good chance the Panthers could even wrap up the #1 seed before the second meeting with them in Week 16 (Panthers already lead the NFC by two games over everyone else). The Bengals and Patriots both have the same big obstacle facing them: The Broncos, who host the Pats in Week 12 and the Bengals in Week 16. The Broncos may need to win those games just to get a bye and home field for the Divisional playoff let along the #1 seed. That's why the Panthers have the best shot of actually having a perfect season.
  7. EDIT: POLL HAS BEEN REMOVED with the Bengals loss Monday night! Still at this point unlikely, however, since they don't meet in the regular season, there is the chance the Bengals and Patriots BOTH wind up going 16-0 (though both still must go through the Broncos, Pats on SNF in Week 12, Bengals on MNF in Week 16). As it stands now, the Pats would get home field in the AFC Championship Game on the "strength of victory" tiebreaker. Since both in this scenario would be unbeaten, is that fair? If both finish unbeaten, I would look to in that case stage the AFC Championship Game if they both made it that far at a neutral site within reasonable distance of both teams (maybe The Linc?) with half the tickets going to each team. That to me would be the best way to handle a situation that has always been possible but has never had a realistic chance of happening this late into a season before now.