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Found 10 results

  1. Which of the remaining winless teams has the best chance to finish 0-16? Tough call, but after giving away a game to a Jets team that was supposed to be TANKING this season, I'd say the Browns have the best chance not to win a game the rest of the year. Their schedule: Week 6 Sun, Oct 15 @ Houston 1:00 PM CBS 7 Sun, Oct 22 vs Tennessee 1:00 PM CBS 8 Sun, Oct 29 vs Minnesota (in London) 9:30 AM NFL 9 BYE WEEK 10 Sun, Nov 12 @ Detroit 1:00 PM CBS 11 Sun, Nov 19 vs Jacksonville 1:00 PM CBS 12 Sun, Nov 26 @ Cincinnati 1:00 PM CBS 13 Sun, Dec 3 @ LA Chargers 4:05 PM CBS 14 Sun, Dec 10 vs Green Bay 1:00 PM FOX 15 Sun, Dec 17 vs Baltimore 1:00 PM CBS 16 Sun, Dec 24 @ Chicago 1:00 PM CBS 17 Sun, Dec 31 @ Pittsburgh 1:00 PM CBS Remaining schedule for the 49ers: Week 6 Sun, Oct 15 @ Washington 1:00 PM FOX 7 Sun, Oct 22 vs Dallas 4:05 PM FOX 8 Sun, Oct 29 @ Philadelphia 1:00 PM FOX 9 Sun, Nov 5 vs Arizona 4:05 PM FOX 10 Sun, Nov 12 vs New York 4:25 PM FOX 11 BYE WEEK 12 Sun, Nov 26 vs Seattle 4:05 PM FOX 13 Sun, Dec 3 @ Chicago 1:00 PM CBS 14 Sun, Dec 10 @ Houston 1:00 PM FOX 15 Sun, Dec 17 vs Tennessee 4:25 PM CBS 16 Sun, Dec 24 vs Jacksonville 4:05 PM CBS 17 Sun, Dec 31 @ LA Rams 4:25 PM FOX Remaining schedule for the Giants: Week 6 Sun, Oct 15 @ Denver 8:30 PM NBC 7 Sun, Oct 22 vs Seattle 4:25 PM CBS 8 BYE WEEK 9 Sun, Nov 5 vs Los Angeles 1:00 PM FOX 10 Sun, Nov 12 @ San Francisco 4:25 PM FOX 11 Sun, Nov 19 vs Kansas City 1:00 PM CBS 12 Thu, Nov 23 @ Washington 8:30 PM NBC 13 Sun, Dec 3 @ Oakland 4:25 PM FOX 14 Sun, Dec 10 vs Dallas 4:25 PM FOX 15 Sun, Dec 17 vs Philadelphia 1:00 PM FOX 16 Sun, Dec 24 @ Arizona 4:25 PM FOX 17 Sun, Dec 31 vs Washington 1:00 PM FOX
  2. Brilliant if you think about it. The Browns get an extra 2 and have the money to eat Brock's contract.
  3. Garrett does not want to go to the Browns lol Read Discuss Myles Garrett, the general manager? ยป Myles Garrett doesn't intend to attend draft Indeed, one of the 2017 NFL Draft's top prospects is already proposing a trade. The star defensive end from Texas A&M, a Texas native, would like to play in his home state for America's team, and he has a suggestion for Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones: 2017 NFL DRAFT Mock drafts | Jeremiah | Brooks | Casserly Three-round mock draft 1.0 Jeremiah's top 50 draft prospects Brooks' top 5 prospects by position Official underclassmen early entry list 5 good, 5 questionable early entry decisions 8 teams that need to draft QB 2017 draft order and needs for every team "I'm speaking to you, Jerry," Garrett said in a video filmed last Dec. at the College Football Awards (but posted on Friday by ESPN). "Mr. (coach Jason) Garrett, make it happen. Dak Prescott leads our team right now. I need you to take Tony Romo, take a couple picks, and give them to Cleveland so you can pick me up. Please, I'd love to play in Dallas, just make it happen." The ESPN social media producer later clarified Garrett's answer was "100 percent supposed to be fun," and in the spirit of the event, the producer said. After Romo, the Cowboys' veteran quarterback, was injured in the preseason, Prescott took over the starting role as a rookie and led the Cowboys to the postseason. He was voted Offensive Rookie of the Year. With the quarterback position in good shape with Prescott, the Cowboys' needs are elsewhere, and defensive end is among them. The Cowboys hold the No. 28 pick of the draft, and even if Romo were part of the discussion, a leap from near the end of the first round to the Browns' spot at No. 1 overall would surely come with an enormous price tag. Garrett spoke with a smile, so the suggestion seemed more wishful thinking than anything too serious. Garrett is considered a strong possibility for the Browns with the No. 1 pick (Cleveland also holds the No. 12 overall pick but Garrett is expected to be long gone by then), and was projected No. 1 to the Browns in analyst Daniel Jeremiah's latest mock draft. It was reported in December that the Browns had an "astronomical grade" on Garrett, who has said he prefers not to play in a cold-weather city. Follow Chase Goodbread on Twitter @ChaseGoodbread.
  4. Browns @ Ravens Browns is the Only Winless Team in the NFL
  5. To think some Eagles fans wanted this clown
  6. Very interesting to see what happens: As much as the Eagles collapsed, you have to think someone is going to want him. You now have to wonder if the next shoe to drop is Charlie Strong is out as University of Texas HC. Even with wins over Oklahoma and Baylor, it overall was a very disappointing season there and I suspect there will be boosters who wanted Strong out, but only backed off because there was no suitable replacement available. Now with Chip available, you have to wonder if Texas now fires Strong and brings in Chip to replace him. If Chip stays in the NFL, the Titans are an obvious choice. I would think the Browns also are a possibility as many think "Johnny Football" would thrive under Chip. 49ers (as dysfunctional a team as there is in the NFL) also are possible in my opinion.
  7. Ravens @ Browns Ravens is Playing without Joe Flacco for the Season
  8. He has been looking good. Had a nice game against the Steelers. WAs a mistake taking Marcus Smith over him and letting him sit on the bench to learn and develop.