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Found 10 results

  1. Traded for a conditional draft pick. CJ2K and AP both on the same team!?!?! Source:
  2. Seahawks @ Cardinals

    Seahawks @ Cardinals
  3. Week 1: Patriots @ Cardinals

    Patriots @ Cardinals No Brady (Suspension), & No Gronk (Injury) First time the Patriots Playing without Brady for the First Time since Week 17 of 2008 Season
  4. #2 Cardinals @ #1 Panthers 3rd Meeting in Playoffs All Time (1-1) January 10, 2009: Cardinals 33, Panthers 13 (Charlotte, NC - Divisional) January 3, 2015: Panthers 27, Cardinals 16 (Charlotte, NC - Wild Card)
  5. In light of how the Packers-Cardinals Divisional Playoff game finished on Saturday night, there are a couple of rule changes I would make: The first is one I've long said should be done, that being in the final 2:00 of each half and overtime (except odd-numbered OTs during the postseason), the clock stops on a first down to move the chains as is done at all times in college football. It would only add a minute or two to a game at the most. When a situation happens that a team scores on the final play of regulation (as what happened in Packers-Cardinals), the other team automatically gets the ball to start overtime (no coin toss in that scenario), however, the OT rules for such situations ONLY would be modified to where if a team scores a TD (as the Cardinals did to win the game here), the other team gets a chance to answer with a TD. If they do that and the game is tied, the game then reverts to what would normally be the first possession of OT where if the team then getting the ball had to score a TD to win, whereas kicking a field goal gives the other team a chance to tie with a FG or win with a TD (if that team kicks a FG, the game then goes to sudden death). This would also be the case where the team with the ball first fails to score where it would go to the first possession of OT rules, then if that team failed to score, then goes to sudden death. If in this situation ONLY the team playing defense first returns a turnover for a TD, the team that was on offense gets one more possession to tie and if they do the game then goes into sudden death. If the defense gets a safety, then that team gets the ball and a TD with an extra point wins the game right there, otherwise the other team gets one more chance to answer. That to me would be more so the casual fan does not get a bitter taste because they think a team didn't have a fair shot as it's the casual fan that drives the TV ratings.
  6. #5 Packers @ #2 Cardinals Cardinals Defeated Packers in Week 16 in Arizona Last Playoffs Meeting was Cardinals 51, Packers 45 in Overtime in Arizona on January 10, 2010