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Found 15 results

  1. The journey continues for the journeyman backup.
  2. Chiefs @ Steelers Chiefs had won 12 last 13 Regular Season Games Steelers is looking to bounce back after a 31 Points Loss to the Eagles
  3. #5 Chiefs @ #2 Patriots
  4. Published on Jan 13, 2016 Offensive Coordinator Doug Pederson spoke to the media on Wednesday, January 13th. Go Chiefs!!!
  5. #5 Chiefs @ #4 Texans Chiefs on a 8 Game Losing Streak in the Playoffs
  6. How much longer must Jamaal Charles carry the Chiefs' Offense? Why did Andy wanted Maclin? Should he have targeted someone else?? Why are the Chiefs falling apart?
  7. Lions vs. Chiefs (London)
  8. Maclin's condition is pending after Chiefs loss to Viking. He suffered a concussion.
  9. Is a stud. Now that's a shutdown corner. Only 2 games, I know. But if he stays healthy and continues to improve, he has potential to be a top 5-10 corner in this league. I'm jealous that we didn't get him.
  10. First, I like Jeremy Maclin a lot. He is one of the better people in the league and I wish him well. With that said.... Watching Chiefs game earlier and Maclin went up for a catch, hauled it in but fell to th ground backwards. Dropped pass and immediately is rolling around on sideline like he had just been stabbed with a broomhandle. Then 10 seconds later he is up walking to the bench but missed the rest of the drive. That's part of the reason the Eagles didn't feel he was worth top 3 WR money.