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Found 14 results

  1. AlpineEagle

    Week 8: Packers @ Chiefs

    Packers @ Chiefs
  2. AlpineEagle

    Week 5: Colts @ Chiefs

    Colts @ Chiefs
  3. AlpineEagle

    Week 16: Chiefs @ Seahawks

    Chiefs @ Seahawks Chiefs Can Clinch AFC WEST with a Win or Can Clinch Home Field Advantage with a Win and a Texans Loss Seahawks Can Clinch a Playoffs Birth with a Win
  4. AlpineEagle

    Home Field Advantage in AFC

    EDIT: December 22, 2018 Currently: Kansas City Chiefs (11-3) Los Angeles Chargers (11-4) Houston Texans (10-4) New England Patriots (9-5) Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5-1) Unlikely to Get Home Field Would Be the Chargers and Patriots 3 Teams is Chasing Home Field Adventage in AFC is Chiefs, & Texans
  5. AlpineEagle

    Week 15: Chargers @ Chiefs

    Chargers @ Chiefs Chiefs Can Clinch the AFC WEST with a Win Chargers Can Clinch a Playoffs Birth with a Win
  6. AlpineEagle

    Chargers vs. Chiefs

    Chiefs Can Win the AFC WEST with a Win on Thursday Night Chiefs Already Beat the Chargers in Week 1 in Los Angeles
  8. AlpineEagle

    Week 11: Chiefs @ Rams

    Chiefs @ Rams (Game is being Play in Los Angeles, CA)
  9. First time ever there has been an early season "flex" on Sunday Night Football: Not really a surprise after the 49ers lost at home to the previously winless Cardinals to fall to 1-5. With this week likely seeing a shellacking in Green Bay, we could see them 1-6. Chiefs become the first team in NFL history to play back-to-back Sunday Night games before the main "flex" period in Weeks 10-11 starts. This also likely means the Week 13 meeting between the 49ers and Seahawks will likely also be flexed out with right now Chargers-Steelers the favorites to take that slot. Would not be surprised if the 49ers completely tank to finish 1-15, get the #1 overall pick and be in a position to get a king's ransom from a team desperate for a starting QB willing to trade the store to get such since Jimmy G will be back next season.
  10. The journey continues for the journeyman backup.
  11. AlpineEagle

    Week 15: Chargers @ Chiefs

    Chargers @ Chiefs Both Teams are 7-6, & Winner of that Game be in 1st in AFC WEST Chargers been Hot and They are 7-2 Last 9 Games after a 0-4 Start Chiefs been Ice Cold with 2-6 Last 8 Games after a 5-0 Start