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Found 6 results

  1. AlpineEagle

    Week 5: Colts @ Chiefs

    Colts @ Chiefs
  2. AlpineEagle

    Week 17: Colts @ Titans

    Colts @ Titans Winner of that Game Will Get the #6 Seed in the AFC Playoffs
  3. The Jets traded up to 3rd pick and the Colts move down to 6th pick. Here are the details. 6th pick 37th pick 49th pick 2nd rounder next year These picks usually include next years 1st rounder, but instead they have 2 pretty high 2nd rounders this year. I think this is a great move for Reich to reload a pretty pathetic franchise. I get why the Jets did it to get their franchise QB. Do you think it was worth it for the Jets, even if they have to take the 2nd or 3rd QB in this draft (depending on when Barkley goes). Do you think Cleveland should take Barkley at 1, knowing they will still get a blue chip QB at 4, or the 2 best non-QBs in this draft at 1 and 4? Do you think Gettleman and the Giants made a mistake in not taking this deal to move back from 2 to 6?
  4. AlpineEagle

    Week 16: Colts @ Ravens

    Colts @ Ravens Ravens is still in the Wild Card Hunt Colts is Looking to get Top 3 in 2018 NFL Draft
  5. AlpineEagle

    Week 15: Broncos @ Colts

    Broncos @ Colts Both Teams is Having a Terrible Year Colts is Currently #3 Pick in 2018 NFL Draft, & If Colts Lose will Remind #3 Pick Broncos is Currently #5 Pick in 2018 NFL Draft, & If Broncos Lose Drop to #4 Pick till Rest of Sunday Games