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Found 17 results

  1. I actually enjoy his videos, especially after the Cowboys really suck things up... "Dallas Cowboys, what the #@$& is the plan?"
  2. Bills @ Cowboys
  3. OrlandoEagles23

    Dallas 2018 opponents.

    I saw a friend post this on FB from Dallas's official page. Here are their opponents for 2018, this season all but two of our opponents were different from Dallas, I would guess it would be about the same next season. Home - Eagles NY Bucs Jags Titans Saints Lions Washington Away - Eagles Washington Seattle Texans Panthers Falcons Colts NY Honestly not a bad schedule in my opinion for them or us. I am curious to see which bottom level teams make a turnaround next season, and which ones fall, making my opinion on it moot. I couldn't find the official one for the Eagles yet, or maybe just didn't look hard enough. Yea, I didn't look hard enough. Eagles opponents that aren't on Cowgirls list. Rams, Vikings.
  4. I hate my team sometimes. Maybe he will be a good coach and maybe he is a really smart guy behind the scenes. But I just don't see how a 3rd string backup QB retires early in his career to become the QB coach of an NFL team. This is the guy that is supposed to help Dak with his mechanics and turn him around for his 3rd season??? I just don't get this team's philosophy. Hope I'm wrong. I want to hear from Stephen....
  5. AlpineEagle

    Week 15: Cowboys @ Raiders

    Cowboys @ Raiders Final Home Game of the Season for the Raiders Must Win for Cowboys and Raiders