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Found 9 results

  1. Been an Eagles fan my whole life, and grew up near Philly, but been out here in ND for a few years now... and Eagles now have more fans up here after drafting NDSU's Carson Wentz . Soon as he takes the field, I bet stores up here sell out of his jersey.
  2. Denver Colorado South Philly Cheese Steaks 2070 S. University Blvd DU AREA Denver, CO 80210 $1 rolling rocks $2 off all Philly's Happy hour menu available during eagle games NFL ticket Over 10 TVs
  3. Hi Guys, Doing a Youtube page about the Eagles! Check it out :) #FlyEaglesFly
  4. Do you think the Philadelphia Eagles win this years divisional games against the Redskins? Or will they fall? Do you think they'll win both? Reply below.
  5. I've been to multiple events at the Sports Complex during the last decade, including Eagles and Phillies games, as well as several Wing Bowls. I am here to complain-LOUDLY-about the changes in hours at the lots. 5 hours before kickoff is a freaking joke. 5 years ago we would get there before 10 a.m. for a Monday night game. For a 1:00 game, getting there after 9 a.m. is useless. I know that the NFL is driving some of this, but 7 hours before kickoff was bad enough (that's what it seemed to be last year). WE WANT OUR TAILGATING DAYS BACK! I don't know why the Eagles would want to seriously hamper what is one of the best tailgating scenes in the NFL. We practically invented it! This is the just the latest assault on our favorite pastime. $40 to park, and you only get a maximum of 5 hours. We should rise up and demand the restoration of our tailgating rights, which have been endowed by our Creator! This is the birthplace of freedom, for God's sake!
  6. Yo where yous at??? Just moved to SLC and tryin to see whos out here!!! E A G L E S EAGLES!!!!!!!
  8. Very interesting to see what happens: As much as the Eagles collapsed, you have to think someone is going to want him. You now have to wonder if the next shoe to drop is Charlie Strong is out as University of Texas HC. Even with wins over Oklahoma and Baylor, it overall was a very disappointing season there and I suspect there will be boosters who wanted Strong out, but only backed off because there was no suitable replacement available. Now with Chip available, you have to wonder if Texas now fires Strong and brings in Chip to replace him. If Chip stays in the NFL, the Titans are an obvious choice. I would think the Browns also are a possibility as many think "Johnny Football" would thrive under Chip. 49ers (as dysfunctional a team as there is in the NFL) also are possible in my opinion.