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Found 4 results

  1. I believe the NFL’s policy regarding the pre-Super Bowl Championships is dead wrong. I researched the issue and just self-published an article on-line titled "Wake-up NFL And Join Reality--A Suggestion To The Owners: Restore Those Ignored NFL Championship Games.” I'm a big Eagles fan and we have 3 championships that are arbitrarly ignored. Why aren't pre-Super Bowl NFL Championships not counted for the real total? Every other major league sport counts all championships from the league's origin (1937 for the NFL). If you have 10 minutes, here’s the article. Paste it in your browser or go to and search for the title of this post.
  2. Team President Bruce Allen is said to have received a call from league officials who stated the big intentional grounding call on Kirk Cousins was the incorrect call. The Redskins were driving and in winning field goal range, the penalty took them out of range. This would have resulted in a 3rd down for the Skins and another attempt to move down the field for a first or at least get in better FG range. After such a devastating loss that would have helped provide a bit of cushion for the Eagles 1st seed hopes, this can't make Redskins fans feel any better.
  3. Thought of this with the NFL Draft going on and all the talk this past season in the NBA in particular: What if the NFL had a lottery for all of the non-playoff teams similar to the NBA and NHL where each team (even one that failed to make the playoffs at 11-5) has a chance of getting a Top 3 pick, with the team with the worst record given the best chance, 2nd worst getting the next best chance at the top pick, and so forth with the Top 3 determined that way and if a team moves into the top 3, the rest move down one spot. Such could probably be done as a one-hour prime time special on ESPN and/or NFL Network in the run-up to the Super Bowl much like the NBA version is done as a half-hour special before the ESPN telecast of (this year) the (Western) Conference Finals. There would probably be a lot of talk of ping-pong balls if the NFL used the NBA's formula for determining the top three picks.
  4. Looks like the NFL is looking at making Sunday prime time playoff games a permanent fixture: I doubt they will do it for the Wild Card round. That Sunday is usually also the weekend of the Golden Globes, which is a major Hollywood award show event that airs on NBC run by the International Press Corp I believe. That show gets big numbers in the 18-49 demo (especially with women, whom ad buyers crave) and I don't know if the NFL is going to want to mess with that. Even if the NFL does want to go with Sunday night playoff games both weeks (Wild Card and Divisional), it may be difficult to do because the Golden Globes is a very difficult event to move due to the number of other Hollywood Award Shows (plus the Grammy Awards for Music) that take place during January and February in the run-up to The Oscars (that for many ad buyers is widely considered to be "The Super Bowl for Women") and some of those would likely have to see their dates changed if the Golden Globes had to be moved to accommodate Sunday Night NFL Playoff games, possibly to the week of the Pro Bowl with the Pro Bowl moved up to Saturday night or pushed back to the Monday night before the Super Bowl (though that also could be remedied by the NFL adding an additional week to the regular season with all teams getting a second bye week, most likely tied to Thursday night games and a new Week 18 possibly having one conference play all its games on Saturday and the other on Sunday simultaneously to accommodate the Golden Globes remaining where it currently is on the schedule). One other thing I could see the NFL do is set it up in future years so both playoff games in one conference are played on the same day both weeks, alternating between Saturday and Sunday for the first two rounds and then Sunday and Monday for the Conference Championships. In one year, the AFC could have Saturday Wild Card and Divisional Playoff games that would have 3:05 and 7:40 PM ET kickoffs (the longer gap between games allows for no overlap unless the first game goes more than two overtimes) while the NFC could have Sunday Wild Card and Divisional games at the same times and that then done the other way the following year. The Conference with the Saturday Wild Card and Divisional Games would have its Conference title game in Sunday prime time with a 7:35 PM ET kickoff while the conference with Wild Card and Divisional playoff games on Sunday would have its Conference title game on Monday with an 8:45 PM ET start (the later start to accommodate the west coast on Monday). Since there is an extra week before the Super Bowl, the conference with one less day off before that game would not be at as big a disadvantage by that.