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Found 1 result

  1. I've always thought people had the wrong perception of him, and one of the biggest ones is this idea that he somehow squandered something. Well, maybe his money, but he certainly didn't squander anything when it came to his football career. On the contrary, I think Owens may be the biggest overachiever in the history of professional sports. I don't know if anyone has ever actually watched him in practices, but if you did, you'd see that nothing he does comes naturally to him. He audibly grunts and groans every time he runs or makes a cut. He runs very sloppy routes. He struggles catching the football (we all know how many balls he drops). He has below average speed for a wide receiver. He's not really a great leaper, either. When you add all of this up, you can see why he had to go to a division 1-AA school. You can see why he was the 12th receiver taken in the draft, 89th overall. He's just not all that naturally athletic. Yet I hear people mention him in the same sentence as Randy Moss. He's really the furthest thing from Randy Moss. Moss was a national phenom, a big Deion Sanders. A one man show. If it hadn't been for his off field problems, he would have gone #1 overall in the draft. He's more like Drew Pearson. So what is it about him? It must be the physique. But do people honestly think that he just naturally has that great physique? That great physique of his was honed through years and years in the weight room. He wasn't born with 6 pack abs and an all-around chiseled frame. He worked for that. That's not talent, that's pure desire. So many sided with Donovan McNabb during all the 2005 nonsense, but in that overblown "feud," one of those men was one of the most naturally gifted athletes at his position to ever play professional football. And that man was lazy and demonstrated a lack of dedication and underachieved. The exact opposite of the attributes possessed by the other man. And people sided with the former. The power of media.