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Found 11 results

  1. Bears @ Packers (100th NFL Season)
  2. Not a surprise because this has been rumored for some time: Suspect they did that knowing if they opened with the Pats in that game, Chiefs and Saints fans would be very upset because they felt they were both robbed and that Super Bowl win carries a huge asterisk (not to mention what has come out since against Robert Kraft). Pats will play Week 1 Sunday night opener against an opponent to be determined. I would have myself had the Pats open on the road in Week 1 and then play their home opener in Week 2 on Thursday night that also would have been on NBC and treated as if it were the season opening game as this would fully compensate NBC for losing the Week 17 Sunday Nighter in 2017. FOX/NFL Network would have been compensated for losing the Week 2 Thursday nighter by getting EITHER: A "Black Friday" game in London with a 2:30 PM ET (7:30 PM local time) kickoff (and the Premier League plays mid-week fixtures so the NFL could do a Friday night game in London). If this were done, teams would get their bye week ahead of this game. OR A Week 15 or 16 Friday Night game that would have teams playing that game getting their bye week in Week 14 or 15.
  3. AlpineEagle

    Week 16: Vikings @ Packers

    Vikings @ Packers Vikings Can Clinch a First Round Bye with a Win Vikings Lose that Game will Give the Eagles Home Field Advantage Packers did Terrible after Aaron Rodgers Injury in October
  4. A lot of people have been saying the rest of the field in the NFC got lucky with Aaron Rodgers getting injured. As far as the Eagles go, they would still be 10-1 whether Rodgers has been playing or not, and with the way this team has been playing, I think the Eagles have a better team than the Packers, and while I will never count Rodgers out, I would/will fear them less if we had to meet in the playoffs in the slim chance they can climb their way back into things. They needed that win against the Steelers last week. They played surprisingly well, but of course we also know the Steelers make a habit of playing down to their opponents and did a swell job in allowing Hundley and the offense to make it a game with several blown coverages. With that said, if they can grab a win this week, it would go a long way in at least giving Rodgers a shot to work a miracle and get them in. The good thing for them is that they have Tampa Bay and the Browns coming up over the next two weeks, not the worst obstacle for them to overcome before facing three quality opponents in the Panthers, Vikings, and Lions. I'd rather not have to face Rodgers in the playoffs in any scenario, but I would be confident in the case that we had to. Should be interesting to see how the rest of their season plays out with these two weak opponents and needing some help along the way. I used the playoff path tool that VaBeach_Eagle found to mess around with some things for them and the Eagles as well.
  5. AlpineEagle

    Week 12: Packers @ Steelers

    Packers @ Steelers Packers Been Doing Terrible since Aaron Rodgers Injury Steelers Doing Well so far this year