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Found 2 results

  1. Went to tailgate Sunday 10-23. Got near the stadiums by about 9:45. We were stuck in traffic for 45 minutes. The police had the entire area completely screwed up. One of the problems was that lots were listed as full on 11th street, or for passes only. This caused a total nightmare with traffic wrapping around to get to Broad. We ended up turning around parking in the Citizens lot, as we were going to Xfinity later anyway. Time and time again I have seen the police and stadium staff totally mismanage parking. Wing Bowl became a Drunk Driving Fest because they wouldn't let people in before 4:00. When you are charging $40 to park, you damn well better have a good plan for traffic flow. There were spots everywhere, yet many lots said "full." Ridiculous.
  2. I've been to multiple events at the Sports Complex during the last decade, including Eagles and Phillies games, as well as several Wing Bowls. I am here to complain-LOUDLY-about the changes in hours at the lots. 5 hours before kickoff is a freaking joke. 5 years ago we would get there before 10 a.m. for a Monday night game. For a 1:00 game, getting there after 9 a.m. is useless. I know that the NFL is driving some of this, but 7 hours before kickoff was bad enough (that's what it seemed to be last year). WE WANT OUR TAILGATING DAYS BACK! I don't know why the Eagles would want to seriously hamper what is one of the best tailgating scenes in the NFL. We practically invented it! This is the just the latest assault on our favorite pastime. $40 to park, and you only get a maximum of 5 hours. We should rise up and demand the restoration of our tailgating rights, which have been endowed by our Creator! This is the birthplace of freedom, for God's sake!