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Found 21 results

  1. Just heard on sports talk he isn't cooperating in a murder investigation. Sorry if this is already been posted http://sportsillustr...homicide-probe/
  2. Big upgrade over Bennett. And a solid starter if Gronk misses time..........again. Pats just keep adding solid pieces.
  3. As we know the regular season will open in Foxboro, which team will the NFL send there to open up against the Pats. I suspect it won't be the Falcons, the NFL likely will save that one for a Sunday night opener, plus I suspect the Falcons will play the Week 1 Sunday nighter to open their new stadium. I suspect they might put the Panthers there because they still have marquee from their Super Bowl appearance a season earlier.
  4. Patriots @ Cardinals No Brady (Suspension), & No Gronk (Injury) First time the Patriots Playing without Brady for the First Time since Week 17 of 2008 Season
  5. Can't make this **** up. Cut by the Pats. Then suddenly it's reported the Redskins swing a trade for him. THEN, about an hour later it's reported he is retiring. I'm done man.
  6. I wonder if he was successful.
  7. #2 Patriots @ #1 Broncos 5th Meeting in Playoffs All Time (Broncos 3-1 vs. Patriots) Broncos is 3-0 vs. Patriots in Denver Playoffs All Time January 4, 1987: Broncos 22, Patriots 17 (Denver, CO) January 14, 2006: Broncos 27, Patriots 13 (Denver, CO) January 14, 2012: Patriots 45, Broncos 10 (Foxborough, MA) January 19, 2014: Broncos 26, Patriots 16 (Denver, CO)
  8. #5 Chiefs @ #2 Patriots
  9. Patriots @ Texans Patriots Can Clinch the AFC EAST with a Win and a Jets Loss (Edit: Jets Won Today, & No AFC EAST Clincher for Week 14) Texans Can be 7-6 with a Win tonight and AFC SOUTH LEAD
  10. I don't see a pinned thread for this game later tonight. If there is a locked thread for this game, please merge it in. This game really intrigues me as New England is without Edleman, Amendola and Dion Lewis. I am still uncertain about a prediction but I'm leaning towards the Pats.
  11. EDIT: This poll has been adjusted to reflect the Bengals losing to the Texans in Week 10. It's only halfway through the games for them, but...... This is the latest ever into a season we have had three unbeatens. It is conceivable (even if highly unlikely) ALL THREE could finish 16-0 since none of them play each other. Of those three, who is most likely to finish 16-0? I would say the Panthers because they got by what probably was their biggest obstacle (Packers) and the remainder of their schedule does not look exactly imposing. Especially with the Falcons faltering as they have, there is a good chance the Panthers could even wrap up the #1 seed before the second meeting with them in Week 16 (Panthers already lead the NFC by two games over everyone else). The Bengals and Patriots both have the same big obstacle facing them: The Broncos, who host the Pats in Week 12 and the Bengals in Week 16. The Broncos may need to win those games just to get a bye and home field for the Divisional playoff let along the #1 seed. That's why the Panthers have the best shot of actually having a perfect season.
  12. EDIT: POLL HAS BEEN REMOVED with the Bengals loss Monday night! Still at this point unlikely, however, since they don't meet in the regular season, there is the chance the Bengals and Patriots BOTH wind up going 16-0 (though both still must go through the Broncos, Pats on SNF in Week 12, Bengals on MNF in Week 16). As it stands now, the Pats would get home field in the AFC Championship Game on the "strength of victory" tiebreaker. Since both in this scenario would be unbeaten, is that fair? If both finish unbeaten, I would look to in that case stage the AFC Championship Game if they both made it that far at a neutral site within reasonable distance of both teams (maybe The Linc?) with half the tickets going to each team. That to me would be the best way to handle a situation that has always been possible but has never had a realistic chance of happening this late into a season before now.
  13. Here's the Eagles-related portion: As if we didn't already know... I know, old news and all but this report just came out with 90 sources.
  15. Gisele Bundchen Consulted With Divorce Lawyer, Reportedly Threatened NFL Husband Tom Brady With Split After 'Deflategate' Could this be the end of the line for one of Hollywood’s most famous couples? Gisele Bundchen’s marriage to NFL star Tom Brady has been rumored to be on the rocks for weeks, and according to a new report, the model recently threatened him with a divorce. Us Weekly reports that Bundchen, 35, consulted with a divorce lawyer after repeatedly having “spats” with Brady, 38. “Tom's become very nasty and irritable and starting acting out on her,” reports the magazine’s source, adding, "[Things] are very tense right now. This could be the end of them.” According to the magazine, their marital issues began as a result of Brady’s alleged involvement in the scandal known as “Deflategate.” In May, the New England Patriots quarterback was suspended from four games without pay after investigator Ted Wells declared that Brady was "at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities," which included the team allegedly deflating their footballs in an effort to win the AFC Championship Game earlier this year, according to OK! magazine reported similar findings last month, one insider sharing that Brady is known to be “nasty and cold" and dedicates a majority of his day-to-day life to his career. “There have been a lot of stresses in their marriage in the last year, especially during football season,” said one source. “There have been arguments. Tom is singularly focused on his career, and sometimes Gisele feels left out.” Despite Bundchen’s rumored decision to consult with a divorce attorney, insiders tells Us Weekly Brady isn’t convinced a divorce is in the cards for them. “Tom thinks it’s only a threat,” said one source. “But this is definitely a rough patch.” Bundchen and Brady have been together since December 2006. The couple married in a private ceremony in Santa Monica, California, in February 2009. They share two children together: Benjamin, 5, and Vivian, 2. Brady has one child from his relationship to ex-girlfriend model Bridget Moynahan: John Edward, 8.
  16. Ted Wells: “More probable than not” Patriots manipulated balls