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Found 3 results

  1. DeMarco Murray to LeSean McCoy: 'Move on with your life' September 10, 2015, 2:00 pm SHARE THIS POST Email LeSean McCoy told GQ in a recent interview that he doesn't see DeMarco Murray as "competition as far as the best backs." (USA Today Images) Are you getting tired of LeSean McCoy's non-stop yapping about his former team, his former coach and his replacement on the Eagles? Yeah? So is DeMarco Murray. McCoy took a shot at Murray in the current issue of GQ, saying this of his successor as the Eagles’ lead tailback: “I think Murray’s good. But I don’t see him as competition as far as the best backs. I like my game a lot." It’s only the latest in a series of negative comments McCoy has lobbed at Chip Kelly, the Eagles and Murray since Kelly traded the 2013 NFL rushing leader to the Bills in exchange for linebacker Kiko Alonso. Murray struck back Thursday. “At some point you've got to move on with your life and career,” he said of McCoy after practice. Murray, who led the NFL in rushing last year, smiled when he talked about McCoy and his comments in GQ. “I never worry about what someone else says about me, good, bad, and ugly,” he said. “I can only control what I can control, and I can't control what someone else says about me. “It's funny, but I don't take anything to heart. He has his opinion, I'm sure everyone else has theirs. I'm not worried about it at all.” In the four years both have been in the NFL, McCoy and Murray rank second and fourth in the league in rushing yards, respectively. Marshawn Lynch has the most (5,357), followed by McCoy (5,075), Frank Gore (4,659) and Murray (4,526). However, Murray’s yards-per-carry (4.9) during that span is higher than McCoy’s (4.6). The Bills face the Eagles at the Linc on Dec. 13. Tags: nfl, Philadelphia Eagles, DeMarco Murray, LeSean Mccoy, Chip Kelly, Reuben Frank E-mail Reuben Frank at Have the latest Eagles news e-mailed to you each morning by clicking here to sign up for our Eagles newsletters.
  2. McCoy had 16 rushes for 41 yards, averaging a paltry 2.4 yards per carry. His longest run was for 16 for the other 15 rushes he gains 25 yards for a whopping 1.56 average yards per carry. I laughed when he was traded to Buffalo and Rex Ryan's off tackle running system. He's a dancer not a north/south off tackle runner. He did play with a slight tear in his upper hamstring. That area is the least bad spot to injure your hamstring as it is protected by the gluts. A guy his age gets a hamstring injury because he's not in top shape. I guess there were a few too many party bus adventures in his off season. Thank God we dumped him. What a bum
  3. 14 carries, 37 yards, 2.6 avg OMG, what a bust.