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Found 12 results

  1. Brilliant if you think about it. The Browns get an extra 2 and have the money to eat Brock's contract.
  2. This to me looks like it will be Texans at Titans is the Titans take care of business on Christmas Eve against the Jags, If they do, their game with the Texans on New Year's Day will be for the AFC South regardless of the outcome of other games (and it's winner-take-all, loser-go-home if EITHER the Texans lose Christmas Eve night to the Bengals or the Dolphins beat the Bills earlier in the day). Packers-Lions has the best shot of being the Sunday nighter if the Titans falter in Jacksonville on Christmas Eve.
  3. Texans vs. Raiders in Mexico City First Regular Season NFL Game in Mexico City since 2005
  4. #5 Chiefs @ #4 Texans Chiefs on a 8 Game Losing Streak in the Playoffs
  5. Patriots @ Texans Patriots Can Clinch the AFC EAST with a Win and a Jets Loss (Edit: Jets Won Today, & No AFC EAST Clincher for Week 14) Texans Can be 7-6 with a Win tonight and AFC SOUTH LEAD
  6. How bad will the record of the winner of the AFC South be? The Colts not only LEAD the AFC South at 3-4 by one full game, but actually hold ALL of the tiebreakers as they are 3-0 in the division (they are 0-4 outside the division). I think this division is so bad and Sunday's (10/25) win by the Jaguars over the Bills in London notwithstanding, I think the Colts could go 0-10 outside the division and STILL win the AFC South at 6-10. That is how pathetic this division is.
  7. First, I like Jeremy Maclin a lot. He is one of the better people in the league and I wish him well. With that said.... Watching Chiefs game earlier and Maclin went up for a catch, hauled it in but fell to th ground backwards. Dropped pass and immediately is rolling around on sideline like he had just been stabbed with a broomhandle. Then 10 seconds later he is up walking to the bench but missed the rest of the drive. That's part of the reason the Eagles didn't feel he was worth top 3 WR money.