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Found 1 result

  1. Hello fellow Eagles fans!!! My name is D. Arthur Turner IV. I am originally from Lancaster, PA but live on the West Coast. I am also a documentary filmmaker. I traveled around with the Eagles to EVERY AWAY GAME in the 2018 season as we defended our Super Bowl 52 title. The Eagles fanbase is HANDS DOWN the best traveling fanbase in all of American Sports and I wanted to capture that passion via film for my next movie. I interviewed many fans at tailgates, getting their perspective. My ultimate goal is to submit my documentary to Sundance Film Festival in September 2019. I wanted to discuss my experience in Nashville, Tennessee for week 4 of the season. Hopefully this experience will assist you next time we play the Titans or if you're ever in the city for vacation. I have a few points I want to touch on about what to do in the city and how to handle Titans fans when it comes to Game day. 1. Broadway is where you will spend most of your time, especially for adults. When it comes to things to do in Nashville, Broadway will most likely be the main focus for a short stay in the city. Broadway is a long street that is filled with different country music bars to go to. Even though Bourbon Street/French Quarters is larger and on another level, Broadway would be Nashville's version of a smaller Bourbon Street. The great thing about the location of Broadway, is that Nissan Stadium (Where Titans play) is right across the Cumberland river. Which is essentially across the street walking over a bridge. Broadway is a very fun place to listen to music, drink and have a good time. When the Eagles were in town, Eagles fans took over this area the whole weekend. 2. The city's tourist attractions are either close together or spaced far apart. Some things are within walking distance, while some things are not. Thankfully their public transportation system is very good. Many bus routes to get you to and from your different destinations. 3. HOT CHICKEN IS A MUST. When you are in Nashville, you must try their famous Hot Chicken. They have many rightfully famous places to eat at for this regional delight, like Prince's, Bolton's and Hattie B's. Prince's is the original Hot Chicken Restaurant, but Hattie B's is probably more famous! All great places to eat for some of the best fried chicken in the world. I am not joking when I say the chicken is Slap Yo Mama Good. (The hot chicken comes in different levels of hot, so do not worry) 4. Nashville BBQ is very tasty as well. They are known for their pork BBQ and vinegar based sauces. Plenty of quality places to choose from, just do a little research. 5. The Grand Ole Opry, is decently far outside of downtown Nashville, but still a bus or Uber ride away. If you are wanting to get the Country music live show experience, This is the place to go to. Many country stars have performed at the Grand Ole Opry throughout the years. It's almost like a rite of passage for country music artists to perform there. 6. The Country Music Hall of Fame is downtown, and that is a major attraction for the city. So if you want to learn more about the history of Elvis, and other country music Icons, that is the place to go. 7. Titans fans are loyal, but they are not the most passionate group of people. When the Eagles came to town, I did not see one Titans jersey in sight on Broadway or anywhere else in the city on Friday or Saturday. They do not rep their team like we do, so Nashville is another one of these places where Eagles fans can go and feel like they are in a home field situation. 8. Tailgate wise, the Titans do a good job. The Fans are pretty laid back but they love music so you will notice the parking lot is filled with different types of entertainment revolving around it. What is great about tailgating in Nashville is that you can pregame on Broadway and walk 10 min over the bridge to the stadium. So if you don't want to tailgate in the parking lot, you can do that over the bridge. Some fans even set up shop on the grassy area on the banks of the Cumberland River. 9. Nissan Stadium is a beautiful place to play. Very open, where you don't feel like you are packed together with everyone. As previously said Titans Fans don't always show their colors before game day, but when it comes to Sunday, they do a decent job filling the stadium. 10. Overall Nashville is a fun city to party and have fun in. There is a saying that Nashville is the Las Vegas of the South, while I do not agree with that statement, you can still get into lots of good trouble here. Philly Fans love coming here for games. If you're interested in the Nashville, Tennessee Titans tailgate interviews I filmed. Head over to my Production Company's Youtube Channel, D.A.T.A Productions, to see all my different fan interviews from the 2018 Season. Here is the link for my video. SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL as well. GO BIRDS!!!!! Tailgate interviews from the Eagles vs Titans Game: