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Found 1 result

  1. Eagles Fan Experience in Tampa, Florida [Travel Notes and Tips] Hello fellow Eagles fans!!! I wanted to discuss my experience in Tampa, Florida for the game versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! Hopefully this experience will assist you next time we play there or if you're ever in the city for vacation. I have a few points I want to touch on about what to do in the city, things to note when traveling and handling the Tampa Bay Bucs Fanbase. Out of all of the places I traveled to in the 2018 season for the Philadelphia Eagles, Tampa arguably had the most enjoyable weather overall. Being that the game was in September, Tampa was still very warm. Make sure you have the proper warm clothing when visiting Tampa, the city doesn’t get too cold at anytime of the year. Tampa is a beautiful city to visit. If you live on the east coast, Tampa is one of those cities to go to relax in the sun right by the water. The city is not too far away from some quality beaches, like Clearwater. I’ve lived in Southern California for many years and Tampa reminds me most of San Diego. Outside the main downtown area, public transportation isn’t the most accessible when compared to other cities. They have a bus system, but the bus system does not have frequent routes especially if you are staying in North Tampa. Food wise, Tampa is known for their Cuban Sandwiches. Tampa claims to be the originator of the Cuban Sandwich over Miami. With Tampa’s Italian influence, the city’s sandwiches also have salami. A Miami cuban sandwich does not have salami. Rueben’s Cubans restaurant in North Tampa have amazing Cuban Sandwiches. But you can a quality cuban almost anywhere. The Seafood in Tampa is also very good. Ybor City is a great place to go for tourism. Ybor City is the Historic Cuban district where you can find cigar shops, stores, the old cigar factory and free roaming roosters! During the day Ybor City is a nice place to walk around, ride the trolley and shop. It is funny to see the Roosters and Chickens walk around the district. Apparently they are protected by the city, so do not harm them. At night, Ybor City is great because of the bars, cigar bars and clubs. I found myself in Ybor city a lot with my time in Tampa. Other things to do in Tampa is Busch Gardens, the Aquarium, walking the Riverwalk and Adventure Island Waterpark. When it came to game day, I went to a tailgate hosted by the ‘What The Buc’ fanbase community. They put on a great tailgate, something similar to the 4th and Jawn tailgates in Philly. For a $20 entry ticket, I had all I could eat food, drink and quality conversations with fans from both teams. Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans love to dress up for the games in their pirate costumes. But overall, they are a pretty laid back fanbase that just wants to have a good time win or lose. In typical Eagles fashion, we took over the tailgate I was at. But once I got into the stadium, Tampa Bay fans had a major presence. Probably because it was at the beginning of the season. Tampa, Florida is a great place to visit if you are trying to get away from the terrible weather or go for a game. Overall great experience and would recommend. If you're interested in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers tailgate interviews I filmed. Head over to my Production Company's Youtube Channel, D.A.T.A Productions, to see all my different fan interviews from the 2018 Season. Here is the link for my video. Subscribe to my channel as well. GO BIRDS!!!!! Week 2 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers Interviews: