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Found 11 results

  1. Week 5: Vikings @ Bears

    Vikings @ Bears Will Sam Bradford Finally Play? Last Time Sam Bradford Played was Week 1 Bears Not Doing Well so far, & Only Win vs. Steelers
  2. Vikings @ Bears Halloween Game
  3. Week 4: Giants @ Vikings

    Giants @ Vikings Giants is looking to hand their Vikings First Loss of the Season Vikings is looking going 4-0
  4. #6 Seahawks @ #3 Vikings If the Seahawks win, Play the Panthers Next If the Vikings win, Play the Cardinals Next
  5. Week 17: Vikings @ Packers

    Vikings @ Packers Playoffs Scenario Winner of that Game Wins NFC NORTH, & #3 Seed in NFC Playoffs If Vikings Lose, & Seahawks Win, & Vikings get #6 Seed in NFC Playoffs (Seahawks Tiebreaker with Vikings) If Packers Lose, & Packers get #5 Seed in NFC Playoffs (Packers Tiebreaker with Seahawks) If Vikings, & Seahawks Lose, & Vikings get #5 Seed in NFC Playoffs (EDIT: Seahawks win)
  6. Week 16: Giants @ Vikings

    Giants @ Vikings Vikings can Clinch a Playoff Birth with a Win Giants can be Eliminated from the Playoffs with a Loss or Redskins win
  7. Week 14: Vikings @ Cardinals

    Vikings @ Cardinals Cardinals can Clinch the NFC WEST with a win and a Seahawks Loss