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Jerry Jones wants to trade for top wide out

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Does he have some kind of illness?

Nick Eatsmen, of, reports owner Jerry Jones was asked if he would consider a draft-day trade for Anquan Boldin / Chad Johnson / Roy Williams. "Yes... but considering how we're already $200K OVER the cap, that would be completely idiotic, even for someone who is part of the Dallas Cowturds organization. Here, have some Pepsi Max and shut your damn pie hole!" Jones said before a long pause followed by a smile and a wink.

OK, the above story is obviously fabricated.... the below numbers are not:

The Cowboys may want a #1 WR, but they don't have the cap room to sign him... they may or may not have a problem just signing their draft picks. Stay tuned.

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Maybe the Cowboys are now targeting Boldin because they know there's no way they'll get Chad Johnson.


Because Johnson had this to say:

"I want to continue my career wherever I have the opportunity to win a playoff game ..."

Well doesn't that rule out Dallas, unless Wade Phillips gets fired?

Hehe Yeah and that's the truth!

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