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Buyer Beware !

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Tips on buying autopraphed sporcard

One of the purposes of collecting sports cards is to obtain autographs from your favorite athletes. Sports cards with autographs are viewed as cherished mementos as well as a long term financial investment. New collectors who want to add autographed sports cards like this one need to know who to select authentic items.

Identify Autographed Sports Cards

Consult card pricing guides found at dealers and book stores. These guides will often feature a sampling of updated prices for autographed sports cards in various conditions. Collectors can use these guides to establish a general budget for their sports card purchases.

Obtain autographs from your favorite athletes personally. Athletes often provide autographs for a higher fee at sports conventions and autograph signings in their local community. Many teams also have a fan day where select members of the team sign autographs for fans.

Ask autographed card dealers and individual sellers questions to put your mind at ease. Initial questions should determine how the autograph was obtained and the transaction history of the card.

Select a sport or a particular athlete that holds your long term interest. The cost of autographed sports cards can be prohibitive for collectors who only think about cards as a financial investment. Collectors who pursue their favorite team or sport can enjoy their hobby while ensuring a potential financial return in the future.

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