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Cleveland Browns

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What do you guys think of this team? You guys think they could be a contender? I really think they can overtake the steelers since I think Pittsburgh is on the decline just for this season. They havent beaten the steelers in ages either so they have to beat them to win the division. Cincinatti has a horrible defense since they always give up 60 points to the browns. :lol: Is Derek Anderson a one year wonder or have the dawg pound found a qb finally. That team really looks set to make some things happen this year. The Ravens have no offense and their d is old and I really think the Browns got this division. Thoughts?

I would not be shocked if the Browns went backwards.Actually I expect them to.As good as it appears Anderson played,,look inside his numbers.They are not as great as you think.I also watched just about all there games---there defense is worse then it was ranked.And it was ranked near the bottom.While Anderson did OK for a 1st year QB,,throwing 20 INT's and having a completion rate of about 55% is not very good.Still there big problem is there defense is just flat out terrible.

I expect them to be 6-10/8-8.Quinn will be in sometime this year,which will be even worse.

There 2 big off-season moves were DT S.Rogers and D.Stallworth.Rogers has a hard time getting excited to play about 1/2 the time and when you have basically the worst defense in the NFL,,the last thing you need is to spend money on a WR.

Then they trade away all there early picks in the draft.This off season is exactly why teams like the Browns stay bad.


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