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ESPN Prime Time

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Two years ago, when NBC assumed the Sunday night football package and ESPN upgraded (or, as the case may be, downgraded) to Monday nights, NBC also finagled the ability to have the only extensive early evening highlights show.The effort, awkwardly dubbed "Football Night In America” and staffed with (at last count) 63 talking heads, has fallen short thus far of ESPN’s old "Primetime” show, which featured three things: highlights and Chris Berman and Tom Jackson.

We’re told that, during a Tuesday ESPN media breakfast that we were invited to attend but couldn’t (A.J. Daulerio of Deadspin has a great recap of the event), it was announced that Berman and Jackson, as of the start of the NFL season, will take over the Sunday evening SportsCenter, beginning at 7:00 p.m. ET.

The show will include NFL game highlights, but not the extensive packages available to NBC. However, it will be Berman and Jackson (and also Merril Hoge, Mike Ditka and probably Trent Dilfer) offering up their analysis of the games.

Though we wonder whether the apparent intent to conjure a Primetime Light might get the folks at NBC a bit nervous about whether their turf is being invaded, we love this move. For two reasons.

First, we missed Primetime. We suspect many others did, too.

Second, the presence of Primetime Light will likely force NBC to roll up its sleeves and try to make its own show better.

In the end, the viewers win.

Farther down in the link you'll find this...

Despite apparent rumors to the contrary, we’re told that the Cardinals and the Eagles presently are not discussing a trade that would send receiver Anquan Boldin to Philly and cornerback Lito Sheppard to Arizona.

That said, such a move would make sense. Boldin wants out of Arizona, and Sheppard wants out of Philadelphia. The Eagles need a receiver and the Cardinals’ defense can use any help it can get.

The Cardinals have said that they won’t be trading Boldin. The Eagles previously dangled Sheppard, but might be inclined to keep him for the season given Asante Samuel’s hamstring problems.

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I miss NFL Prime time as well. I liked Berman's sound effects and corny expressions and nickames. I even liked the background music that played during the highlights. It was barely audible, but I liked it anyway. Admittedly, it was tougher to watch when the Eagles lost, but still loved watching it as it led up to SNF.

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