Why do people consider Terrell Owens so "talented?"

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20 hours ago, jfluke said:

Odd thread. Havent read it all, but do I understand the op to have said, Owens and Rice are overachievers, while Mamula was talented? 

Basically, the OP is "Gary from Green Bay" trying to argue that while Favre is awesome, he wasn't nearly as talented as Bart Starr and that the defenses of the Lombardi era would have ended his career early.

Or something like that.  

Basically taking career stats, throwing them in the garbage, then making claims that can only be backed up with opinions or meaningless combine results before he was drafted.

Not sure where you're from, but it's your typical NYC sportstalk radio where they try to convince you that Phil Simms would have crushed the NE Pats if he had half the talent Eli had on the team.  Then you spend the next three hours going over every single player between the two eras and compare unmeasurable statistics based on one person's opinion or another.

It's really (not) fascinating, but I'm pretty sure if you turn on WFAN, there's a caller there right now that will try to convince you that Odell Beckham is way better than TO because, you see, TO wasn't really all that talented, but Odell Beckham is, so that makes him better.

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